Chinese administration lowers 80-year-old followers to imprison her

The Chinese administration recently sentenced an 80-year-old Falun Gong practitioner to one and a half years in prison, claiming he was five years younger.

In China, the law provides more generosity to minors and the elderly, with 75 years setting the standard.

A woman, Chen Gifen, was sentenced to court in a hospital bed after being treated for hemiplegia and stroke that developed during detention last September.

According to US-based, which is tracking the oppression campaign, Chen is in the process of persecution of her belief in a residential area in her hometown of Chongqing, a city in southwestern China. I was arrested while distributing materials about.

Chen protected himself at a court hearing in July 2020 by explaining how he personally benefited from this practice. Two weeks after she was hospitalized, on September 17, a district court held a show trial in the hospital room and convicted her.

According to Mingi, the witnesses mentioned in the court documents were five police officers at the Degan police station, the same facility that ordered Chen’s arrest. She was also fined 1,000 yuan (about $ 153).

China’s Spiritual Practice Falun Gong teaches five sets of slow-moving movements and requires believers to improve their moral development according to three basic beliefs: truth, compassion, and tolerance. By 1999, when the administration saw its popularity as a threat and launched a ruthless campaign designed to wipe it out, an estimated 70 to 100 million people had adopted this practice.

“Definitely illegal”

Wu Xiao Ping, a former human rights lawyer in Shanghai, believed that authorities had deliberately changed Chen’s age in order to impose stricter penalties.

Under Chinese criminal law, older people over the age of 75 should be more generous. Wu, using his experience, unless the incident falls into the eight most vicious categories of intentional murder, arson, spread of dangerous substances, robbery, rape, kidnapping, bombing, and exacerbation of assault. He said he usually ruled with a suspended sentence in a similar situation. This is the case with Chen.

In a telephone interview with The Epoch Times, Mr Wu said the court proceeding was “definitely illegal.”

“Manipulating people’s dates of birth is itself against the law,” he said. “Especially considering that their goal is to imprison innocent people in prison.”

According to human rights watchers, past political campaigns have often pressured Chinese police to fulfill their quotas. According to Wu, police sometimes arrested him without much concern for evidence in order to appease his boss and get financial rewards.

“Even if there is no case, they will come up with a case. It’s pretty scary,” he said.

He added that “ordinary citizens can’t beat ants” in China.

“If the facts are missing, they only make up the facts. If they can do this for one person, they can do the same for another,” he said. It was.

“”[They] You are free to craft facts to frame and put you in jail. “

Chen has been regularly harassed by police before his arrest and attacked his home at least twice in 2016 and 2019. During a home visit in 2017, police and local authorities urged her to write a “statement of repentance” and abandon her faith. And if she refuses to obey, she threatens to send her to a brainwashing center and stops disseminating literature about the practice.

In 2020, at least 114 Falun Gong practitioners, including Chen, were sentenced for their beliefs. The oldest of them was 88.

That year, 42 elderly people died under persecution. About 1,200 others (mostly 70-94 years old) reported arrests or harassment.

Sherry Don contributed to this report.