Chinese citizens plead guilty in Boston for smuggling Navy-sensitive products into Communist China

Chinese-American permanent residents say April 28 that they have illegally exported hydrophones and other sensitive products and technologies from the United States to a Chinese university that has close ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) military. He was found guilty in the Boston Federal Court on the same day. Said tHe is the U.S. Department of Justice..

On the same day, Massachusetts-based Shuren Qin, 44, pleaded guilty to one plot to export items from the United States to Northwestern Polytechnical University (NWPU) in China without a license. One count of visa fraud. Two counts of making false statements to law enforcement agencies regarding the type of purchaser and export parts. 4 counts of money laundering. Two counts of hydrophone smuggling from the United States to China. Underwater listeners are used to monitor underwater sounds.

According to the Chinese site Include CCPNWPU It features aerospace, and navigation research under the supervision of the Government’s Ministry of Industry, Information Technology (MIIT), which evolved from the National University of Defense Technology and Industry Commission and other agencies in 2008.

NWPU is listed by the US Department of Commerce as an organization that raises national security concerns about its involvement in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles, autonomous underwater vehicles, and missile proliferation projects.

“Hata used the open market in the United States to purchase sensitive technology for China’s military colleges,” said John C. Demars, Deputy Attorney General of the National Security Agency of the Justice Department. I will.

“We have an insatiable desire for our most sensitive products and technologies, especially those for military use,” said Nathaniel R. Mendel, deputy federal prosecutor for the Massachusetts district. He said Qin threatened US national security and broke the law by exporting major anti-submarine warfare products to China’s military colleges.

In addition, Judge Denise J. Casper of the US District Court found that the Chinese Navy was one of Qin’s customers, according to the website of China-based company LinkOcean. And when the border search took place, agents were concerned that Qin was involved in procuring items from the United States on behalf of the Chinese Navy and making them available for use in electronic and anti-submarine warfare. Testified.

Qin has approved a charge for 60 hydrophones worth $ 100,000.

The Chinese NWPU has also been charged, but has never appeared in court.

Under a judicial transaction between Qin and the prosecutor, Chinese citizens could face at least seven years’ imprisonment under federal judgment guidelines.

Demers said at a seminar at Dean of George Washington University on April 28th: China’s espionage and technology theft cases remain a top priority For the Justice Ministry of the Biden administration.