Chinese Communist Party ranked high in US intelligence global threat assessment

The Secretary of State Intelligence said China, Russia, Iran and North Korea pose the greatest threat to the United States in their annual threat assessments, citing China’s administration first.

“Beijing, Moscow, Tehran and Pyongyang have demonstrated their ability and intent to advance their interests at the expense of the United States and its allies, despite the pandemic.” To report (pdf) It was released on Tuesday. “China is an increasingly peer-friendly competitor, pushing the United States to challenge the United States in multiple areas, especially economically, militaryly and technically, to change the world’s norms.”

The report states that while the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Moscow are “promoting” economic and humanitarian crises, political instability and geopolitical competition, they are both so-called “vaccines” to expand their sphere of influence. He said he was working on “diplomatic”.

The CCP said, “Government to spread China’s influence, weaken US influence, promote wedges between Washington and its allies and partners, and foster new international norms in support of the prestigious Chinese system. We will continue our overall efforts. ” ODNI. “But Chinese leaders will probably seek tactical opportunities to ease tensions with Washington when such opportunities are in their interests,” said the administration’s “survival.” It was a problem.

“China is promoting success, including the COVID-19 pandemic, as evidence of its superiority,” the report said, combining military power with “economic, technical and diplomatic influence, CCP … Washington. At the expense of. “

At the same time, the Chinese Communist Party has attempted to “eradicate” criticisms of human rights abuses in China and the United States, “pressing politicians who believe Beijing opposes its interests,” officials said. “Beijing is stepping up its efforts to shape the political environment in the United States to promote its policy preferences,” he said.

The report further points out that China’s conventional troops and nuclear forces are more likely to endanger the lives of Americans and predicts that the CCP will build more foreign military bases. ..

“Beijing will pressure Taiwanese authorities to move towards unity and blame them for seeing increased involvement of the United States and Taiwan. Beijing has isolated Taipei internationally for economic prosperity. It strengthens its attempts to describe it as dependent on the mainland and expects friction to increase as China continues to increase military activity around the island. ” “Increasing China’s cooperation with Russia in areas of complementary interest includes defense and economic cooperation.”

Epoch Times Photo
This dateless photo taken in April 2018 shows China’s only operational aircraft carrier, the Liaoning (front), sailing with other vessels during training at sea. .. (-/ AFP via Getty Images)

Russia was listed next to the threat report, but said Moscow did not want a direct dispute with the United States.

Rather, he added, “I hope Moscow will seek practical opportunities for cooperation with Washington on its own terms.”

The report hopes that Moscow will be in jeopardy when Russia’s interests are at stake, when the power vacuum could turn into an opportunity, or when the expected cost of action is low. I have. ” And Cuba.

Russia will also adopt cyberattack and hacking schemes to target US infrastructure, not limited to underwater cables and industrial systems, according to the report.

“Despite flat or declining defense spending, Russia continues its foreign military involvement, conducts training exercises, and draws lessons from its involvement in Syria and Ukraine in the United States and the region. It will emphasize new weapons that threaten stakeholders, “added ODNI Moscow, adding that it will expand its role not only in the Caucasus countries, but also in eastern Ukraine and Belarus.

They said North Korea would continue to pursue a nuclear weapons program.

The isolated communist regime “has his goal of gaining fame, security, and acceptance as a nuclear-weapon state through traditional military modernization efforts, the development of nuclear weapons and missiles, foreign involvement, sanctions avoidance, and cyber capabilities. We aim to achieve it, “the report said. ..

Iran was also described in the report as a regional threat rather than a global threat.

“Iran’s deteriorating economy and poor regional reputation impede its goals, but Tehran has been able to advance its goals by diplomacy, expanding its nuclear program, military sales and acquisitions, agents and partners. We will try a variety of tools, including attacks. Iran expects to increase tensions next year and take risks that could threaten the interests of the United States and its allies. “

The 27-page declassified report was released Wednesday and Thursday by the US intelligence director prior to the House and Senate hearings.

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