Chinese craft ship heading to Queensland coast when US-Australia war begins

Defense forces are watching Chinese surveillance vessels that appear to arrive off the coast of Queensland in northern Australia when a wargame involving US and Australian defense forces begins.

Tiangwangxing, which means Uranus, will arrive on July 16 and will be parked just inside Australia’s Exclusive Economic Zone outside Australia’s territorial waters. According to international maritime law, there is a legal basis.

Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton told ABC, “We are aware that the PLA’s (Navy) intelligence ship, Tianwangxing, is approaching Australia’s east coast via the Torres Strait.” ..

“We have been monitoring our approach to Australia for several days as part of Australia’s extensive surveillance efforts,” he added. “We fully expected this class of vessels to arrive in our area during the exercises and planned their existence to do so in all iterations.”

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The PLA (Navy) general intelligence ship Tianguanxing (AGI-797) will pass the Arafura Sea, about 40 nautical miles north of the Tiwi Islands, on July 10. Passage of Tianguanxing has been monitored by the Royal Australian Navy Armidale-class patrol boat HMAS Childrens and surveillance aircraft assigned to the Maritime Border Protection Command on an evaluated route to the east coast of Australia, with other vessels of this class in the last few years. .. The ship was operating legally on the high seas. (Courtesy of the Australian Ministry of Defense)

“The presence of similar vessels does not undermine Talisman Saber 2017 or Talisman Saber 2019, and I am confident that it will not hinder this year.”

Talisman Saber is the largest bilateral training activity between the Australian Defense Force (ADF) and the US military.

Wargames that occur every two years include logistics, amphibious landing, ground force operations, urban operations, and aerial and maritime operations training.

Talisman Saber is also held in most parts of Queensland, where military personnel test the latest technology and military hardware.

Naval vessels from the PLA are now regularly present in each exercise.

The Tianwangxing is a Type 815 vessel equipped with advanced electronic sensors that can intercept and record US-Australian communications for analysis.

Type 815 ships are also used in several surveillance missions, including patrol the waters around the US bases in Guam and Hawaii, and monitoring tests for the USTHAAD anti-ballistic missile defense system near Alaska.

The Chinese embassy in Canberra revealed exposure around Uranus the day after the problem arose after the Australian Foreign Minister issued a statement. To commemorate the 5th anniversary On the unanimous decision of the arbitral tribunal that the Chinese Communist Party’s allegations against the South China Sea are groundless.

According to a statement, the arbitral tribunal said that China’s claim to “historical rights” or “maritime rights and interests” established in “long historical practices” in the South China Sea is inconsistent with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. ” Was certified. (UNCLOS) And, to the extent of the contradiction, it is invalid. “

“UNCLOS sets out a legal framework in which all activities at sea and at sea must be carried out,” she added.

“The Australian Government has consistently called on the parties to the arbitration to follow the court’s decision to ultimately detain both China and the Philippines.”

The embassy said it “mourned” and urged Australia to “stop political manipulation.”

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