Chinese DJI suspends Russian and Ukrainian operations to prevent drone use in combat

BEIJING — Drone company DJI Technology Co. has temporarily suspended operations in Russia and Ukraine to prevent the use of drones in combat in the rare case of a Chinese company withdrawing from Russia due to the war. ..

“DJI is reassessing compliance requirements internally in various jurisdictions. While waiting for the current review, DJI will temporarily suspend all business activities in Russia and Ukraine,” the company announced Tuesday. Said in a statement made.

Many Western brands and companies have withdrawn from the Russian market due to Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, but Chinese companies continue to operate in the Russian market. Beijing withheld public criticism of Russia for the war.

Both Ukraine and Russia are believed to be using DJI drones in combat, but the company claims that its products are intended for civilian use.

Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Mikairo Federov wrote a public letter last month appealing to DJI to block the sale of drones in Russia, with Russian troops “ using DJI products in Ukraine to navigate missiles and kill civilians. I’m doing it. “

The AeroScope system installed on the DJI drone allows the detection and monitoring of other drones and operators near them via a special receiver. The concern is that Russians may be using the AeroScope system to attack Ukrainian drone pilots.

DJI rejected allegations of leaking data on Ukraine’s military position to Russia. After German retailer Mediamarkt cited Russia’s use of DJI drones in the war as the reason for removing its products from the shelves.

Last week, DJI said in a statement that the drone was not sold or sold for military use. It said it “clearly opposed attempts to attach weapons” to the product.

“We never accept the use of harmful products, and we will continue to strive to improve the world in our work,” the company said.

Another Chinese company, Didi, overturned its decision to withdraw from Russia after being criticized by the Chinese for succumbing to western pressure.

Associated Press