Chinese embassy threatens UK over Manchester consulate case

The Chinese embassy in London on Thursday issued a threat to the British government over possible expulsion of Chinese diplomats over alleged assaults of Hong Kong protesters at the consulate general in Manchester.

and YouTube videos Entitled “Online Press Conference on Violent Harassment at Chinese Consulate General in Manchester,” Yang Xiaoguang, Chargé d’Affaires ad interim ambassador to Manchester said, “Protecting the refuge of independence forces in Hong Kong will only bring disaster to Britain in the end. It is.”

Yang also referred to trade ties between Britain and China, saying that “a few people” were “trying to create conflict” between the two countries, adding that “this is dangerous and bad for both sides”. .

A British minister faces charges if police find that a Chinese diplomat at the consulate in Manchester committed a crime when he beat Hong Kong pro-democracy protester Bob Chan. or face “diplomatic consequences”.

Beating protesters at consulate general

Chan, who was participating in a protest outside the consulate on October 16, was dragged onto the consulate grounds and beaten by a group of masked men who had come to retrieve the banner from the consulate. Chinese President Xi Jinping is caricatured as an undressed emperor.

Some of Chan’s hair was ripped off. He also suffered minor injuries to his head and body.

A man, who appeared to be a consular officer, was filmed lying on the ground and being kicked several times during the scuffle. By 19 October, Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said it had not received reports of other injuries.

Consul General Jeong Hee-won was seen at the scene kicking and knocking down banners and pulling Chang’s hair.

He later admitted to pulling Chan’s hair and told Sky News it was his “duty” because the protesters insulted his country and his leader. He claimed to have threatened the life of his colleague.

GMP has launched an investigation into Chan’s allegations. assault.

Following Chung’s approval, some parliamentarians called on the government to immediately declare Consul General Chung Hee-won’s persona nongrata.

In response, then Foreign Secretary Jesse Norman told lawmakers: “If the police find that there are grounds for prosecuting public officials, we expect the Chinese consulate to waive those officials’ immunity. Otherwise, there will be diplomatic consequences.”

Threats to Sino-British Trade

Yang on Thursday described the protesters as “Hong Kong’s independent elements”. It is a label commonly used in Chinese Communist Party (CCP) domestic propaganda. I’m here.

He also said that Hong Kong’s independence was “an activity aimed at dividing China and has been condemned by 1.4 billion Chinese”, another routine response to dissent and outside criticism. is a reaction.

Drawing parallels between British and Hong Kong immigrants and “Aesop’s Fables of Farmers and Stakeholders”, Yang argues that “Hong Kong’s sheltering of independents will ultimately only bring disaster to Britain.” It is.”

He urged the British government to “settle this issue according to the merits of the decisions and avoid making wrong decisions under political pressure from a minority” and the embassy “to the Chinese diplomatic mission.” We have asked the British side to provide adequate protection.” in the UK in the future. ”

He refers to the member states of both countries and the United Nations Security Council, cites the “mutually beneficial” trade relationship between Britain and China, and the “minority” (commonly used to represent dissident groups). (phrases used in

In 2020, Chinese authorities suspended exports of Australian beef, wine, barley, lobster, timber, iron ore and cotton shortly after the Australian government led an investigation into the origin of the novel coronavirus and its response to the initial outbreak. It emerged from Wuhan, but Beijing denied it was targeting Australia.

Victoria Kelly-Clark contributed to this report.

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