Chinese father lets 11-year-old daughter choose lotus root in the heat to teach the value of education

To show an 11-year-old daughter how quitting standard education will affect her future, a father in Hubei, China, decided to dig a lotus root for four hours in scorching weather. Forced the girl.

The girl’s father, named Ye, explained that her daughter was acting and showed indifference to attending school.

“My daughter was experiencing a period of rebellion, and her teacher told me she didn’t want to go to school anymore,” you told the Chinese press Yidian Zixun. South China Morning Post..

To teach your daughter the importance of being educated, you took the young girl to the lotus field where her grandfather works. He then forced her to dig lotus root for four hours in her scorching weather, resulting in her tan and exfoliation of the video Posted on Weibo, Ye’s daughter can be seen crying and wiping her tears with her shirt.

“Take off your shoes right away and go into the water. If you don’t want to go to school, you have to put yourself in the reality of life,” you now tell her in a viral video.

Some Weibo users commented on your decision and said that teaching his daughter “important life lessons” was an appropriate response.

One user who claims to be a teacher wrote that punishment is a “good idea.” She also said she is now planning to show her students a video.

“When do you plan a field trip?” Another user asked. “I have to register for my child to experience the difficulties of life.”

But others have criticized you for being overkill and called his decision “severe.” One user pointed out that standard education does not always allow an individual to “escape a difficult life.”

“It’s a good idea to give her freedom of choice, but it’s dangerous and the girl got a terrible tan,” another user wrote.

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