Chinese Foreign Minister meets with Southeast Asian counterparts

Beijing (AP) — China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with counterparts from four Southeast Asian countries this week as Beijing seeks to expand its influence in the region as relations with Washington deteriorate sharply. There is.

Meetings with Vivian Baraklishnan of Singapore, Hishammuddin Hussein of Malaysia, Letno Marsdi of Indonesia, and Teodoro Locsin of the Philippines are being held for three days in Nanping City, Fujian Province.

Xinhua News Agency told Barakrishnan Thursday that China would like to work together to strengthen strategic communication and maintain peace and stability in the region.

The two countries should work together to oppose vaccine nationalism, Xinhua quoted the king as saying.

He also referred to the ongoing turmoil in Myanmar, supporting the principle that China would not interfere with the internal affairs of other countries, and supporting the Association of Southeast Asian Nations by helping restore Myanmar’s stability in the ASEAN way. I told Krishnan. ..

China has sought to prevent the ASEAN block from taking a unified position against China’s claims to several Southeast Asian countries and the entire South China Sea, which has territorial disputes.

The Philippines demanded the removal of more than 250 Chinese boats found near six islands and coral reefs in conflict areas on Wednesday.

Hua Chunying, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said on Thursday that the vessel was first discovered more than a week ago in Wit Sun Reef, where Chinese fishing vessels evacuate from the stormy waters. I answered that it was normal.

“I know there are forces between China and the Philippines trying to drive a wedge. I hope the Philippines will be able to distinguish the right thing without misunderstanding,” she said. It was.

Wang concludes talks with Southeast Asian counterparts on Friday and then meets South Korea’s Chung Eui-yong Foreign Ministry at South Korea’s Nangang on Saturday amid tensions over North Korea, which relies on China’s financial and political support. It has become.