Chinese hackers target German pharmaceutical and tech companies

According to the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution of Germany (BfV), China’s hacker group APT 27 has begun targeting German companies in areas such as pharmaceuticals and technology for a long time on suspicion of attacks on Berlin-Western government agencies.

In addition to stealing trade secrets and intellectual property, BfV said in a circular to companies that it could break into a network of customers and service providers and try to break into multiple companies at once. increase.

BfV, in the 2019 Annual Constitutional Protection Report, the group’s acronym APT 27 is a Chinese hacker group also known as “Emissary Panda,” which is believed to target foreign embassies and key sectors. I pointed out that it is another name.

Last year, the United States and its allies accused the Chinese government of conducting a global cyber espionage campaign.