Chinese military companies collect American DNA and provide COVID testing — a feat.Dr. Antonio Gracefo

In 1936, Nazi Germany, already world-famous for its authoritarian and xenophobic culture, hosted the Summer Olympics. About 85 years later, the tyrannical Chinese Communist Party has the doctrine of “unlimited war” against the United States and the western world and is responsible for hosting the Winter Olympics.

Near home, there is a disturbing tendency for companies related to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to invest heavily in US biofarms and genomics companies. The link between this and CCP research for the development of biological weapons is a major source of national security concerns.

Recently, a CCP-linked company sought ownership of a fertility clinic within driving distance of six US military bases. It is a place where many US soldiers and spouses are likely to participate for fertility treatment and paternity testing. I asked Graceffo what the CCP would do. With the DNA of an American soldier.

Graceffo is a contributor to The Epoch Times and author of “Beyond the Belt and Road: China’s Global Expansion.”

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