Chinese PhD student attacked by five men near the University of Wisconsin-Madison


A Chinese PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was reportedly attacked by five young people near the campus, causing student protests against anti-Asian hatred and violence.

A 26-year-old student shared his account of the incident at Weibo. Translate and post r / UWMadisonsubreddit..

The student said he was walking down the college street on Tuesday night when a group of men surrounded him, hitting his face, pushing him to the ground, and repeatedly hitting and kicking him.

After he shouted for help twice, his attackers fled, the victims said. The assault left him with bleeding ears and multiple “spots” on his head.

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The victim said he kept asking for help. A group of witnesses partying across the street helped him in the aftermath, then looked like a medical student checking his injuries to make sure he was conscious.

According to the victim, the entire attack lasted less than 40 seconds. He described his perpetrators as all “very well dressed” and “very healthy” men, both white and black.

Despite the unfortunate experience, the victim said he would not hate the attacker.

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“They are people who have lost basic rationality and common sense under a particular ideology / hatred / culture. Limited resources of society and education make everyone a decent person with common sense. Was almost impossible, “said the victim. “It’s my turn tonight. I’m glad it’s my turn, not someone else’s. At least I still got some punches.”

Meanwhile, the same perpetrator has also been accused of attacking. Victims of South Asia Early that night. The incident allegedly occurred just a few blocks away from where the Chinese students were assaulted.

The case is currently under investigation by Madison police.Thursday, UW-Madison Issue a statement They were aware of the attack and said campus police were cooperating in the investigation.

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“The university has noticed recent violence and aggression against students near the UW-Madison campus,” the statement said. “UW-Madison is committed to making our campus and the nearby downtown area safe for everyone.

“The first reports came from members of the Asian, Pacific Islanders, and DigiAmerican communities. In recent years, these communities have recognized an increasing threat to security, well-being, and sense of belonging. We are aware of the safety concerns and traumas that these actions can cause and will continue to work to create a safe, equitable and comprehensive working, living and learning environment. “

Students organized a Stop Asian Hate protest in response to the attack. The march from Capitol to Library Mall runs from 4 pm to 6 pm.

Letters to academic administration signed by current students and graduates Public petition It was also created to ask for changes.

“Hate doesn’t solve the problem, but it produces more. It stands together, divides and collapses,” the petition said. “If the attacker turns out to be a UW-Madison student, we ask the university to follow the university’s course of conduct and procedures to deal with fraud.”

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