Chinese prison blogger for “smeared” soldiers killed in a clash with India in Garwan

New Delhi — China has imprisoned a popular blogger to “defile the martyr” who was killed in a bloody clash with Indian soldiers in Garwan last year.

Internet celebrity Qiu Ziming, 38, who has 2.5 million followers on China’s social media platform Weibo, is based on China’s newly revised criminal law, which sets out a crackdown on “online humiliation or insult” martyrs. , Was sentenced to eight months in prison. Reported Global Times, China’s state media.

A Nanjing court in Jiangsu Province, eastern China, has also ordered Ziming, known by the Internet name “Labixiaoqiu,” to publicly apologize through national media to eliminate what Global Times called “bad effects.” ..

Amendment law can sentence such crimes to up to 3 years in prison But the court said It gave Jimin a light sentence because he “confessed his crime, entered his guilty plea and said in court that he would never commit the crime again.”

Chinese media claimed in a February 10 post that bloggers had disseminated false information that defiled the “four martyrs.” The report claimed that PLA soldiers were killed while dealing with “the trespassing of the actual line of control of the Garwan Valley by Indian troops.”

Indian and Chinese soldiers struck a violent clash in the highlands of Ladakh, Garwan Valley, on June 15, killing 20 Indian soldiers and a private number of Chinese soldiers.

Only a few months after the battle, China admitted that it had lost four soldiers in Garwan when it gave posthumous honor.But the Russian news agency Reported by TASS This year, China lost 45 soldiers in the conflict.

Dr. Hirsch Pants, director of research and head of a strategic research program at the New Delhi-based Observer Research Foundation, said the arrest of a Chinese blogger “defended this question of what really happened.” It reflects, “he told the Epoch Times over the phone. Who was responsible for it in the Garwan Valley and what was the result? “

“This is a Chinese attempt to suspiciously look at information about this episode, protect it, and hide it,” Pants said, and the situation does not want to expose itself to what the state agency has happened. He added that it is related to the method. “Responsibility to make it happen.”

Last year, the Chinese arrested three bloggers Ask the official version What happened in Garwan.

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