Chinese research vessel docks in Sri Lanka after postponement

HAMBANTOTA, Sri Lanka (AP) — A Chinese scientific research vessel, whose port call was previously postponed due to apparent security concerns raised by India, arrived at a port in Sri Lanka’s south on Tuesday.

Yuan Wang 5 was welcomed by the Sri Lankan port officials and Chinese officials of the shipping company at Hambantota Port.

The ship was originally scheduled to arrive on August 11, but the Sri Lankan Ministry of Foreign Affairs said asked for a postponement Docked pending further consultations.The ministry said last weekend that the ship given permission to dock I waited until August 22nd in Hambantota. Both sides said they agreed that the vessel would keep its identification system on and not conduct any research activities while in Sri Lankan waters.

Sri Lanka said it was delaying the ship’s arrival due to concerns raised with the ministry, but did not specify who raised them. Security concerns may have been taken into account.

India donated a maritime reconnaissance plane to Sri Lanka on Monday to boost maritime security. The Indian Embassy said Sri Lankan Navy and Air Force personnel trained in India will fly the aircraft with operational support from Indian personnel.

Arindam Bagchi, spokesperson for the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said India was aware of the planned ship visits and was closely monitoring any developments affecting their safety and economic interests, and was working to protect them. He said he would do everything in his power to

China is competing to expand its influence in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka lies along one of her busiest shipping lanes, which India considers part of its strategic backyard.

india is provided important assistance We provide food, fuel, medicines, cooking gas, etc. to the Indian Ocean countries. economic collapse in the midst of a serious foreign exchange crisis.At the same time, China’s Infrastructure loan reconstruction Support for Sri Lanka is essential to enable the country to reach a relief program with the International Monetary Fund.

China has lent Sri Lanka billions of dollars for development projects, some of which has been criticized for being largely unrealized. Among them is Hambantota Port, which Sri Lanka leased to China in 2017 after it failed to repay its loans.


Associated Press writer Krishan Francis contributed a report from Colombo, Sri Lanka.