Chinese social media users cruelly ridicule Afghan filmmaker Taliban panic


Wakirkosar via Getty Images / AFP

Wakirkosar via Getty Images / AFP

From an emotional video of a famous Afghan filmmaker Kabul dominated by the Taliban The weekend received the sympathy and support of many international communities.But on Chinese social media, Sahara Karimi’s Dramatic dispatch I was ridiculed roundly.

In the video, I saw an independent film director running around and yelling at people. why are you laughing? “

For many, her panic is What happens to women in Afghanistan The Taliban is in charge.

“Where are you going? Go home now. The Taliban are coming to Kabul. They are in town,” Karimi shouted to the inhabitants in a video. A few days ago, Karimi wrote to the world a letter calling for the protection of Afghan women, children, and Taliban artists.

Many of Weibo’s audience, the equivalent of Chinese Twitter, expressed their condolences to the people of Afghanistan and wanted them to be well in these turbulent times, but some were Kamiri. Is west. Specifically, in response to the question “Why do you run away?”, He raised a question to Kamiri, saying, “I want to shoot this for the BBC to broadcast.”

“It’s voluntary and done,” said one commentator. Another asked, “How can she escape during a show like this? Is she preparing for refugee entry into Europe and the United States?” “Did you notice? She looks a lot like those stinky feminists, “read the third comment.

Some commentators called Kamiri “Gonji” and literally translated it into “intellectual.” This has become a laughing, derogatory label on the Internet in China, referring to a group of highly educated and liberal-minded people who criticize the society in which they live. These Chinese netizens, Kamiri’s career (raised in Iran until the age of 27) made her an outsider of Afghanistan, depriving her of the right to comment on national affairs on behalf of the Afghan people. Commentators also video-selected Camiri’s red stone ring, well-groomed nails, and trimmed eyebrows, suggesting that she enjoyed a privileged life funded by Western power.

“The only people who want to escape after the Taliban enter the town are the poor Americans and rebellious capitalists who deserve to be hanged by streetlights,” the comment read.

The Taliban is back and the world’s jihad is coming

Some have compared Kamiri with Chinese writers. Her diary records her life in the early days of the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. Offended the Chinese people, And that Elite who left China For Taiwan, Hong Kong, the United States and Europe after the Chinese Communist Party seized control of China in 1949.

In a wave of ridicule and ridicule, some internet users defended Kamiri’s account and praised her courage, as did her film, which recorded the life of a woman in Afghanistan. However, these reactions were quickly attacked as pro-American and, by extension, unpatriotism.

For many in China, the turmoil in Afghanistan is evidence that the United States is unreliable as an ally. On Tuesday, China’s state-owned newspaper, Global Times, published an opinion piece entitled “The Taiwanese Government Should Learn from Afghan Lessons.” The article describes a series of cases in which the United States withdrew its troops and left locals for defense, including Vietnam in 1975 and northern Syria in 2019. It’s time for China to forcefully unite Taiwan, and the United States will not help Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party.

China had already taken steps to secure China’s security interests in the region before the Taliban quickly took control last weekend. July, Foreign Minister Wang Yi Hosting the Taliban in Tianjin To show friendliness and goodwill. During the talks, the king promised that China would not interfere with Afghanistan’s internal affairs and recognized the Taliban as a “significant military and political force” in exchange for the group’s security promise. Mr Wang said China wants the Taliban to “resolutely deal” with the Turkistan Islamic movement. China’s alleged group threatens national security and promotes Xinjiang’s independence.

“The Taliban must have been endorsed by the lowest people, otherwise there would have been no such resurrection 20 years later,” weibo said in a comment. “At least the people of Afghanistan have gone on the path of autonomy. Isn’t it okay?”

Russia “enjoys” America’s failure and is cozy to the Taliban

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