Chinese students need 16 needles after hitting the face because the teacher is not paying attention


A Chinese physics teacher, who believed that a 15-year-old teen wasn’t paying attention, smashed his glasses into pieces, severely cut his face, and hit the student hard enough to require 16 needles.

A teacher at Yuanzhu Middle School in Yulin, northwestern China, reported that he was fired on Saturday after hitting student Geng with both his face and chest. South China Morning Post.. After the attack, the teacher reportedly took Gen to a local hospital and received 16 needles for several cuts from shattered eyeglasses, including a 2 cm laceration suture near the lower eyelid. increase.

The teacher reportedly told Gen’s parents that his son was being taken to the hospital, but the teacher explained the seams and attacks.

“A second time you caused severe physical and mental injuries to your child, and we are hurting the inside,” Geng’s mother told the teacher, according to the Morning Post.

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Gen received additional treatment after expressing anxiety about scarring.

“My son said he didn’t want to go to school anymore because his face was ugly and he couldn’t see it and his seams were anxious,” Gen’s father said. “He couldn’t go to school until the scar was healed.”

The 15-year-old father said the Geng case was the most violent, as physics teachers had attacked other students in the past. The teachers apologized to their families, but they were not satisfied and demanded stricter penalties, resulting in the dismissal of a teacher named Li, the principal of the school.

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“The case was filed with local police and handed over to them,” Lee said.

Teachers also had to pay 20,000 yuan (about $ 2,967) to cover related costs. Gen then returned to school and said his parents had gained an understanding between the school and the teacher.

Weibo users Indignation With the violent behavior of the teacher.

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“This kind of person is not suitable for being a teacher,” wrote one user.

“The sneaky teacher who beat the student should really go to jail. Before the student understands, the student [have] “Permanent scratches,” commented another user.

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