Chinese tech companies are using “third-eye” surveillance software to confirm that tech workers are making tough “9-9-6” shifts

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  • High-tech companies in China rely on extreme oversight to keep their employees productive.

  • Many Chinese technical workers have a 12-hour “9-9-6” shift. They are now doing so under the eyes of the “third eye.”

  • Efficiency reports from Third Eye analyze the amount of time employees spend on each website, among other data.

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Born in Beijing, Jiang Yi, 32, knew he was being monitored from the moment he signed in to the office network at his last workplace.

This is a medium-sized tech company in the Chinese capital of his former employer, surveillance software DiSanZhiYan (or “Third Eye“) Keep all employees under the careful eyes of the company.

“I was writing the code for 12 to 16 hours a day. One day, when my boss came in shaking the paper and asked why I watched the two videos without work, I It’s on the verge of collapse, “says Jiang.

Similar to some Employee monitoring software Used in usa like Cloud desk, The system monitors web usage and idle time. However, the “third eye” goes one step further. In addition to monitoring chat logs to see what each employee is seeing in real time, the software employers when employees are watching videos or job listings on streaming sites. Ping to.

Jean said weekly “efficiency reports” were created for employers. These are what each employee sees, categorized by website and application, and accurate in minutes. It was classified as.

“The system scares employees. They know they are being monitored throughout the 12-hour shift. 9-9-6 Life It was miserable enough, but I didn’t have to live in fear, “said Jiang. Chinese “hustle” culture, Where the office worker Work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week from 9 am to 9 pm.

He said some of his colleagues even felt that the system had forced him to work on “007” days- A slang that represents being online 24 hours a day.

To Company websiteThe system claims to be “omnipotent, controllable, stable” and “adaptive to any means of overturning surveillance.”It lists about a thousand clientFrom government agencies to high-tech companies.

Such an Orwellian surveillance system is not new in China. 2018 mobile monitoring app Medium duet Developed for real-time tracking of employee locations.To date, some lists 347 companies With this app, you can accurately monitor the time your employees spend in the bathroom during working hours. “

Sangfor Technologies, an online monitoring system, has also developed a way for businesses to track their mobile browsing history and app usage records each time they use their company’s Wi-Fi. Nikkei report.

According to Nikkei reports, the company, whose main customers are Alibaba, ByteDance, Xiao Mi, and Sina, the parent company of Weibo, could impact employee productivity like Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter. It even allows businesses to block sexual mobile apps.

And this oversight may go beyond cracking down on how employees feel.Articles from a Hong Kong-based publisher China week Last November, Canon China wrote that it deployed a security camera that allowed employees to enter the workplace only after they found a smile during their daily face scans.

“I hope that the air that stumbles due to the epidemic of the new pneumonia will be alleviated with a smile,” said Taisei Ehara, vice president of Canon China.

Jia Kai, an associate professor at the University of Electronics and Technology of China, questioned how much human society can be managed by programs, saying that computer systems can only capture “simplified versions of human behavior.” Said to.

“For example, if a worker catches a cold today, can the program detect it and give him more time to finish his job? The answer is no,” Zia told the Nikkei. Was.

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