Chris Christie said he fired a new salvo at Trump and that the events leading up to the Capitol riots on January 6 were “driven from above” by “Team C players.”

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie speaks with former President Donald Trump at the White House event on October 26, 2017.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie speaks with former President Donald Trump at the White House event on October 26, 2017.Jim Watson / AFP via Getty Images

  • Chris Christie said the event until January 6th was “driven by the top” this weekend.

  • Christie pointed her finger at the “C Team Player” around Trump and blamed the Capitol riots.

  • He said Trump was reluctant to concede the election and was inspired by those who told him what he wanted to hear.

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie commented on what led to the January 6 riots in the Capitol, calling it a “promoted from above” and “executed by Team C players” process. I did.

Christie made these comments on Sunday Appeared in “This Week” of ABC News hosted by George Stephanopoulos. The former governor responded to comments from Stefanopros PowerPoint presentation Mark Meadows, then White House Chief of Staff, detailed how the Trump team can work to overturn the election.

“Every day, Chris Christie seems to be learning more about what was happening in the White House at the time until January 6,” Stefanopros said, referring to the PowerPoint presentation at Meadows. “May explain why the former president and his allies are working so hard to avoid cooperation.”

Christie replied that what is currently being revealed about the January 6 riots was “pushed from above.”

“That is, the president does not want to concede the election, it is very clear that he will not concede the election, and until the end, with very few exceptions, you have a lot of people around him. We met. It was a C team player on the best day at best. “

The former governor added that these “Team C players” had told former President Donald Trump what he wanted to hear.

“There were a lot of people out there who were telling him that this was over, and you need to make concessions. He didn’t want to hear it,” Christie said.

Christie was critical of the decision by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to prevent Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy from being elected to the Republican Party. House Select Committee Investigate the January 6th Parliamentary riots.

“The problem now is that (for the first time in my memory) she dictated who the minority could join the committee, so it had some influence among the people of my party and the trust of the committee. It’s about affecting sexuality, “he said. Before adding, he thought the Commission was doing “important work.”

“In the end, the facts will be clear, but don’t make fun of ourselves. This was a driving process from the top carried out by the players of Team C. That’s Keystone Cops’ strategy. That’s why it looks like. “

Christie’s new comment is his latest salvo in an ongoing feud with the former president. November 8th, Christie He urged Mr. Trump to “go ahead” and “tell the truth” from the 2020 elections.

After that, Trump statement The next day, through his spokeswoman Liz Harrington, Christie claimed that “the Republican Party had to move forward from the past, that is, it was completely slaughtered by the 2020 election fraud.”

“Everyone remembers that Chris left New Jersey with an approval rate of less than 9%. This was the lowest ever and I didn’t want to hear from him!” Trump said in November. Said in a statement on the 9th.

December 8th playing cards also came out statement Commented on the sales of his book “Dwarf Chris Christie” via Harrington.

Apart from this, Christie He also withheld the COVID-positive test status and accused him of infecting him with the virus.

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