Chris Cuomo said police reforms wouldn’t happen until “white children begin to be killed.”

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  • Chris Cuomo discussed police violence at “Cuomo Prime Time” on Saturday night.

  • He said reforms would only occur when “white children began to be killed.”

  • Cuomo’s words evoked various reactions.

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CNN host Chris Cuomo said police reforms wouldn’t happen in the United States until “white children begin to be killed.”

In a Saturday episode of his show “Cuomo Prime Time,” Cuomo discussed police reforms in the light of his murder. Dantelite And Adam Toledo, as well as Derek Chauvin’s Trial..

“George Floyd, Killing of Daunte. Do you remember their name six months later?” Cuomo said. Said in the episode.. “They will be replaced by many others.”

Later, CNN’s anchor pointed out the criminal activity after many whites were killed by the police, saying “I want them to have problems” rather than causing them problems.

“It takes responsibility from the idea that it’s wrong about the police you don’t need to change,” Cuomo continued.

Cuomo further argued that police reform would occur only if police violence affected young whites at the same rate that it affected young people of color.

“I know when they will change,” he said, “when white children began to be killed.”

He also suggested that if black Americans bought weapons to form militias or to protect themselves, this was a general argument against. Gun control By supporters of the Second Amendment-There will be greater gun control in the United States.

“We will see a wave of change in access and accountability. We saw it in the 1960s,” Kuomo seemed to point out. Gun Control Law After the Rise of the Black Panther Party..

Kuomo’s remarks received a variety of reviews, some saying they nailed their heads and others saying they were significantly wrong.

Others disagreed with Cuomo’s message, believing that it suggests that white children need to die to encourage police reform.

Others believed that Cuomo’s remarks were significantly untrue and claimed that more whites were shot by police each year than blacks.

But blacks Shot deadly at a disproportionate speed White Americans are not, but compared to their population in the United States.

Some of Cuomo’s critics also pointed to Sandy Hook’s shootings as evidence of his mistakes, saying that the killing of 20 children did nothing to change American gun control.

However, the comparison ignores the fact that police officers were not Sandy Hook shooting shooters.

Cuomo had not made any additional comments on gun control at the time of writing.

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