Chris Cuomo says police reforms won’t happen until white children begin to be killed

& Lt; p & gt; Chris Cuomo argued that police reforms would not occur until white children began being shot by law enforcement agencies & lt; / p & gt; (CNN)

Chris Cuomo argued that police reforms would not take place until white children began to be shot by law enforcement agencies


CNN anchor Chris Cuomo Said Police reform It doesn’t happen until “white children begin to be killed” after a series of colored police shootings.

“”George Floyd, DanteliteDo you remember their name six months from today? It will be replaced by many others, “Kuomo said at the show on Friday.

Mr Cuomo criticized those who accused the victims after the police shooting. He specifically sought to blow up those who resisted police accountability calls and justify the shootings of 13-year-old Adam Toledo in Chicago and others who died during a quarrel with police.

CNN’s host said, “When you see these shoots, what are you going to do? You know what you’re trying to do.” That George Floyd, you heard about him. Is it? That Dawnte Wright, did you hear about him? 13-year-old Adam, you know he was a gangbanger.

“Why do you do that? I want to make the problem’they’, so take responsibility from the idea that you’re wrong about policing that doesn’t need to be changed.

“Nandemonaiya. Police are trained to deal with non-compliance with non-fatal forces. Hey, obey or die, you know what I mean.”

Cuomo’s remarks came after protests in Minnesota and Chicago over the deaths of Duantelite and Adam Toledo in March last Sunday.

Body camera footage revealed that 13-year-old Adam appeared to have surrendered during a deadly shooting, Independent report.

Kuomo suggested that many white Americans would have different attitudes if the victims of police killings were white.

He states: Then the kid ran, and “Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!” Said CNN’s anchor, imitating the shooting.

“They pile up.” What about these police? Oh what? You shouldn’t even have the police! “Mr. Cuomo insisted. “Such mania, such madness, it will be you. It will be the majority because it is your people.”

No police officer has been identified who was involved in Adam Toledo’s deadly shooting.

Officer Kimberly Potter was charged with manslaughter for Mr. Wright’s death. The Brooklyn Center police station said she mistaken her gun for a taser.

Racial justice protests broke out nationwide after police killed George Floyd in Minneapolis and Breona Taylor in Louisville, Kentucky.

A verdict in the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin, who was accused of killing Mr. Floyd, could come as early as Monday. Independent report.

Mr. Cuomo called for unity, saying, “We and them, us and them. There is no solution that doesn’t start with us. We, the people.”

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