Christian Bale admits to defending Amy Adams from ‘American Hustle’ director


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Christian Bale arrives at the London premiere of ‘Amsterdam’ on September 21st. (Vianney Le Caer / Invision / Associated Press)

Christian Bale shared his side “American Hustle” Drama directed by Amy Adams and David O. Russell. Nine years after his Oscar-winning film premiered.

at GQ November’s cover story was published on Wednesdaythe Oscar-winning actor recalled trying to keep the peace while on the set of “American Hustle,” where Adams said he butted heads with director Russell.

“Once you have some idea of ​​where it’s coming from, you tend to try to be a middleman,” the Batman actor said. There has to be a way to make it all work.'”

6 years ago Adams told British GQ The director of the Oscar-nominated “Silver Linings Playbook” made her cry with “American Hustle.” In addition to her conflict with Russell, Adams sony email hack She was paid less than her male co-stars, including Bale.

“I was really devastated on set,” Adams told British GQ.

Also revealed in the Sony hack was that Bale told the director, “Stop acting like an a-” while filming “American Hustle.” On Wednesday, he not only confirmed that he stepped in on Adams’ behalf, but said it was inevitable that he would be “upset” given Adams and Russell’s “crazy creative genius.”

But Adams wasn’t the only star to disagree with Russell and his toxic behavior on set. George Clooney claimed in 2000 Russell screamed and humiliated several people on his “Three Kings” set, including the camera car driver and screenwriter.

Then in 2004 video From the set of “I Heart Huckabees”, Russell was shown arguing with star Lily Tomlin, who complained about a “barrage of change”, kicking props while shouting profanity at Tomlin. In 2015, TMZ revealed that Russell and Jennifer Lawrence had a heated conversation On the set of “Joy”.

Bale told GQ that his time as a “middleman” on “American Hustle” doesn’t tarnish how he looks back on the film.

“They’re f—ing phenomenal,” he said of the director and his former co-star. A character is not someone who succumbs to something, is he?”

When asked how he felt about taking action on “American Hustle,” Bale referred to his “American Hustle” character, Irving Rosenfeld, who is based on con artist Melvin Weinberg. , said, “I did what I felt was appropriate, very Arve style.”

Attention regarding Russell’s behavior has resurfaced with the release of his latest film. “Amsterdam,” Bale will star. The cast also features Margot Robbie, John David Washington, and Taylor Swift.

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