Christian prosecutes Nigerian government for kidnapping accomplices

Kaduna — On July 7, Nigerian and US evangelical leaders accused Nigerian authorities of being involved in terrorism. The news event that caught their fire was the July 5 kidnapping of 121 students at Bethel Baptist High School in Kaduna. As a result, more than 1000 students have been kidnapped for ransom this year.

Hours after the kidnapping, the school principal, Mrs. Florence Tuga, said the Epoch Times had a premonition of an attack.

“Our final year students have begun the exam. My decision was to move the students to town by next Friday,” she said.

“I felt something terrible might happen here,” she said.they [the bandits] Coming just before 12:00 am on Sunday night, I called all the security agencies I could, but help was delayed, “she said.

“Now it has happened, and I’m just overwhelmed by sadness,” she said.

Epoch Times Photo
Mrs. Florence Tuga, Principal of Bethel Baptist High School in Kaduna, Nigeria, July 5, 2021. (Lucavinyat / The Epoch Times)

According to witnesses who asked for anonymity, more than 30 men with automatic rifles broke through the premises of Bethel High School around 12:00 am. Witnesses said the bandits forced the main gate open and overwhelmed the unarmed guards.

Without a shot, they went to the girl’s hostel and took out the girl who was still wearing her nightwear. Witnesses told our reporters that they took them inside the school fence and laid their faces flat on the moist grasslands.

“I was standing outside that night because the baby was crying and came out to take in fresh air when he arrived,” said a source who is a staff member of the school where both husbands live. Said.

“I ran and hid behind some shrubs so I could see them from a distance, and fortunately my baby fell asleep,” she said.

“They came to the boys’ hostel and started taking the boys out,” she said. “I saw them and their guns, but they weren’t fired,” she added.

She also said they gathered boys and took them to places where girls were forced to lie down.

She said they immediately began hearing gunshots as they kept the students away at night.

According to her, they later saw a thief burst a part of the fence and made a large hole to leave school with the prisoners.

Some of the kidnapped students escaped the march and entered the surrounding forest. After hours of gunshots over bushes, valleys, and thick hills at night, Suff Dominique Bodum, 15, and several teenage students fled in turmoil at dawn. Later I returned to school.

Government accomplice charged

Epoch Times Photo
Suff Dominique Bodum, 15, escaped the kidnapper and returned to Bethel Baptist High School in Kaduna, Nigeria on July 5, 2021. (Lucavinyat / The Epoch Times)

“The abduction of students at Bethel Baptist High School is an ongoing agenda for Christian enemies to visit our horrors and undermine the state’s Christianity,” said the Nigerian Christian Association (CAN) Kaduna. Rev. Joseph Hayab said. The chapter told The Epoch Times on July 6th. We are detained when we speak to the horrors unleashed in the church and our members, or the state speaks us as people who contribute to the problem and hires people to attack. ” Said Hayab.

“Now, the kidnappers of children at Bethel Baptist School are boldly asking them to send large amounts of food to cook for their children,” Hayab said. “Why don’t it tell you that they are safe and comfortable where they are camping and hugging our children?

“Doesn’t it show you that they aren’t leaving in a hurry? Are they sure no one will challenge them?” He asked.

“Have you ever been arrested, paraded, and prosecuted for a Christian kidnapper or murderer in this state? He asked,” I don’t know anything. “

Government and media sources have frequently reported that since 2010, more than 60,000 lives have been killed by the complex rebellion and terrorist crisis in Nigeria.

According to several Christian leaders interviewed by the Epoch Times, the Christians who make up the majority of the citizens of southern Kaduna have killed mercenaries on the one hand and are trapped by national policy on the other.

“The mass abduction of Christian students in Kaduna is a systematic agenda to take advantage of the prevailing lawlessness in Kaduna to discourage Christianity in Kaduna,” said the evangelical victor. ECWA) National Secretary, Yunusa Nmadou, said.

“There is a sponsored agenda to cripple Christianity in Kaduna, which is hidden behind Nigeria’s anxieties,” Nmadu said.

Epoch Times Photo
Rev. Joseph Hayab (Courtesy of Rev. Joseph Hayab)

“ECWA needs to close more than 100 churches in Kaduna after many Christian villages and churches have been attacked and burned in the last two years and some members have been killed, kidnapped or fatally injured. “There is,” Nmadu told The Epoch Times. ..

“It’s the same as any other denomination. Christianity is besieged in Kaduna. The most troublesome aspect is that armed bandits buy more weapons and recruit more hands for more invasions. What we use to do this is the resources deprived of us of the ransom we pay after plundering our community, “Nmadu said.

“See how long the students of the Federal Forestry School in Kaduna were detained. God knows that his parents took millions again. [look at] Trauma experienced by students kidnapped at Greenfield University in Kaduna after the killings of five schoolmates. The bandits demanded a payment of US $ 40,000 before being released. They were all Christians, “Nmadu said.

“But when a Muslim student in the province of Zamfara, Katsina, or Niger was kidnapped, a Muslim priest entered the bush and negotiated, and soon the student was released without ransom,” he said. Said.

“This is a very challenging time for Christians throughout the median strip of Kaduna and Nigeria,” he added.

Meanwhile, Kaduna Governor Maram Nasir El Rufai ordered the forced closure of 13 Christian schools because of their vulnerability to attacks such as Bethel Baptist.

“This is intolerable,” Rev. Kevin Jessip, a US evangelical leader and founder of the Global Strategy Ministry Alliance, told The Epoch Times.

“Based on today’s conference call with 15 Nigerian evangelicals and government leaders, I was told this: Nigerian president, army, and police with Boko Haram and radical terrorist groups. I’m colluding, “he said. “Sectarian leaders are calling for an international response to the genocide that wipes out hundreds of villages.”

“They are asking the church to raise money to buy weapons for defense,” he said.

The alarm also came from the US-based Nigeria International Commitment (ICON). “The situation in Nigeria continues to deteriorate,” ICON co-founder Kyle Abts said in a text to The Epoch Times. “Western nations are guilty of not paying attention to the crisis and not helping to deal with the situation in Nigeria,” Abtu wrote. “They are not focusing on ethnic and religious issues that are destroying life and communities, but on issues such as climate change and the conflict between farmers and herders that are not the direct cause of violence. I will. “

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