Christine Quinn performs split, yoga poses in a small blue bikini on a paddleboard during an Italian vacation


Christine Quinn Made a considerable splash while enjoying some fun in the sun with her husband during their gorgeous Italian vacation.

32 years old “Selling sunset“The star flaunted her bikini body and showed off some impressive yoga skills while out to see the deep blue sea.

The photo taken by Fox News shows a blonde bomb practicing yoga poses on a paddleboard. Her husband, Christian Richard, carefully helped hold the board in place while kicking his foot into the air.

Stunner’s toned physique was fully exhibited, and her husband was on the lookout for her incredible abs and slender legs.

At one point, Quinn could be seen stretching his legs at the edge of the board, nailing an upside-down yoga pose.

“Selling Sunset” star Christine Quinn locks her bikini during the postpartum Sicilian escape month

31 years old New mom I was even able to balance on the board while doing a full split.

In May, the couple welcomed their first child, a boy named Christian Georges Dumonte. The newborn weighed 6 pounds, 14 ounces, and was 20.5 inches long. People magazine report.

The lovers who got married in December 2019 also managed to sneak a few passionate kisses while Quinn remained stable on the paddleboard.

“Selling Sunset” Star Christine Quinn welcomes her first child with her husband Christine Richard: “Beyond Great Full”

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But Netflix Her board wasn’t the only star stunt. Quinn also chilled while diving into the water with Richard.

The two then soaked up to their waists and used the board as a table to enjoy a fresh drink.

Earlier this year, celebrity realtors became open about becoming a mother for the first time and discussed whether breastfeeding is like a “full-time job.”

“It’s very difficult,” she said. people When discussing breastfeeding. “I didn’t know how difficult it was. It’s a full-time job and now I have a lot of respect for my mom. I always do, but well, it’s a full-time job. It’s a full-time job. It’s crazy. That is, the hat it’s really, really difficult, so turn it off to someone who can do it as much as possible. “

of Another interview, She spewed out about her new role as a mom.

“Baby C is more valuable than I imagined,” she told the magazine shortly after giving birth. “Nine months is like a lifetime waiting to meet someone. It’s the most incredible feeling to know that you created life. My protective mama bear spirit is stronger than ever. I The only job is to protect him, love him, and raise him. “

According to Quinn, the water broke shortly after she returned from filming in Season 4. Reality TV series.. She called childbirth “the most magical moment in my life.”

Quinn believed in her husband that she was very supportive at the time of childbirth.

“He was very calm throughout the process,” she explained. We may share more of what happened one day, but for now we are humble and grateful that the three of us have returned from the hospital. “