Christmas day marks the start of Australia’s heat wave

East Coast Australians contemplating wearing an ugly Christmas jumper may want to think again as warm weather hits capital cities across the country.

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra all expect highs of 20 degrees Celsius and lows of 30 degrees Celsius on Christmas Day.

Nationwide, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart are expected to see clear skies and high temperatures in the mid-20s to below 30s Celsius.

At the top end, Darwin is expecting storms and temperatures up to 32 degrees Celsius.

People looking to cool off on Australian beaches are asked to stay safe and swim between flags on patrolled beaches.

In the last 12 months, 141 people have drowned along the coast, making it the highest mortality rate of any coastline in the country. His three-quarters of them were at least a kilometer away from life-saving services.

Surf Lifesaving Australia general manager Shane Doe said people reaching unpatrolled areas should be aware of rips and other hazards.

“The safest way for all Australians to enjoy the coastline this summer is to find a supervised beach and swim between the red and yellow flags,” Daw said.

Warmer Christmas weather marks the beginning of a low-intensity heatwave that is expected to spread south of the continent, including Tasmania, by Wednesday.

It also means Western Australia will continue to experience the heat wave seen in December, with multiple wildfires.

The Bureau of Meteorology has already issued a heat wave warning for WA, with high temperatures hitting parts of the state from north to south.

Heading back east, temperatures are expected to soar to 36 degrees Celsius in Melbourne and 40 degrees Celsius in Adelaide on Tuesday. Highs of 28 degrees Celsius in Sydney and 32 degrees Celsius in Canberra on Monday. Hobart on Wednesday soared to 32 degrees Celsius.

Despite the warmer period, flood warnings remain in New South Wales and Victoria, while South Australia waits for floodwaters to roll down the Murray River.

Christmas forecast:

Melbourne, up to 30 degrees Celsius, sunny

Sydney, 28 degrees Celsius, partly cloudy, thunderstorms possible

Darwin, maximum temperature of 32 degrees, storm

Canberra, up to 31 degrees Celsius, sunny

Hobart, up to 26 degrees Celsius, sunny

Adelaide, up to 32 degrees Celsius, sunny

Perth, up to 30 degrees Celsius, sunny

Brisbane, high 28 degrees Celsius, partly cloudy, chance of showers


Australian Associated Press is an Australian news agency.