Chrome 90 allows you to share a link to a marked text in a webpage

Chrome 90 highlight link


Google starts on Chrome 90Launch a new feature, Which allows you to get a link to a marked text in a webpage. For example, if you want to show your friends the part about penguin swimming speed on Wikipedia, just highlight the text, right-click, and then select Copy Link to Highlight (Copy Link to Highlight). Get its link. When a friend clicks on the link, he will automatically go to that paragraph instead of the beginning of the article.

This feature must be especially helpful for students and colleagues who work together, but like most of Google’s new features, although it has begun to appear on Android and desktop versions of Chrome, not everyone will take it at the same time. Then, some people may have to wait to show up. As for iOS, Google said that the feature is “coming soon” to the platform.

Google also launched a new web page PDF browser, mainly adding a two-page side-by-side display mode, and a new toolbar, making it easier for you to zoom, jump, archive and print. Other updates include reducing Chrome’s overall CPU usage, and a new feature will be added to “freeze” hidden pages to reduce its CPU and memory usage.

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