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President Biden: “Normal” return betrays the bold agenda

Biden’s quiet and almost boring approach, compared to the sound and anger of Trump, could allow him to be much more important President Joe Biden White on March 11, 2021 I will give a golden time speech from the East Room of the house. Photo: Alex Wong / Getty In October last year, Pete Butigieg tweeted, “Imagine,” “I turned on the TV, met the president, and felt my blood pressure go down instead of going up.” did. Joe Biden’s first 100 days at the White House appear to have succeeded in lowering Kunashir’s blood pressure after a four-year white knuckle ride with Donald Trump. Americans are no longer afraid to wake up to all cap tweets that cover everything from war-threatening to insulting celebrity looks. Journalists thank you for regaining the weekend. Cable news is back on the old drum beats of hurricanes, mass shootings, and British royal soap opera. Biden’s stylistic norms of Trump’s predecessor and evidence of an unobtrusive approach back in the days when citizens didn’t have to think about the president all day long. The change in mood in Washington is obvious. “For the past four years, I’ve been very happy to wake up in the morning, and I think this dark cloud comes to my mind and something is wrong,” recalls writer and journalist Sally Quinn. “And I think Donald Trump was elected president! My God. It’s gone now, and to be honest, it never happened.” What happened to me, and we all Look back on how he was filled with constant anxiety, agitation, confusion, confusion, anger, anger, and everything else. Everyone I know is just calm, and of course Biden we have. Come at the same time [coronavirus] Vaccines and summer is coming. It’s a very different environment now. It ’s very peaceful. After Mr. Trump was banished from Facebook and Twitter after a riot in the US Capitol on January 6, Mr. Trump’s malicious grip on national consciousness soon began to fade. He currently releases email statements from “45 Office,” sometimes in the style of tweets, most of which flow harmlessly into Ether. His interviews on Fox News and other conservative media have an equally modest impact.According to an analysis by The Washington Post, in March 2021, “Google Search Interest” [in Trump] It was lower than any time since June 2015, as was the time he was seen on the cable. “The network covered him much less until last year when the pandemic caught the public’s attention and overtook Trump. In addition, Trump’s average mention in March was 2015. It returned to the level seen in November. “But this is not because Byden emulated the shocking and awe-inspiring tactics that gave Trump the constant media attention he coveted. The Democrats have only had one press conference before boarding Marine One on the White House South Lawn and haven’t enjoyed much “helicopter talk” with reporters. His spokesman, Jen Psaki, avoids the banana peel that defeated his predecessor, so her live briefing rarely appears in cable news. Whereas Trump’s White House produced an almost nightly revelation of the palace plot or the latest twist of Russian investigation, Biden’s version stubbornly proves to be complete. There was even a spiritual space for the story of the “dog-bitten man” involving President German Shepherd, Champ and Major. One of the impacts of Biden’s 100 days on my personal life: My wife returned to listening to music happily in the morning instead of worryingly listening to the news. — David Frum (@davidfrum) April 25, 2021 A think tank at the Brookings Institution in Washington said: “He and his team are more visible to the president, and if the president’s appearance is reserved for important events such as speeches, press conferences, comments on important issues, important meetings, it’s just It seems that he decided that it was okay. There is a real advantage to not being in focus at all. ”Weiden is not as good on Twitter as it is, but his chief aide, Ron Crane, is more. A brave person. Klein frequently tweets updates on vaccination progress and other administration achievements, and is reluctant to retweet pointed posts about Republicans and Washington stories of the day. Chris Whipple, author of The Gatekeepers: How the White House Chiefs of Staff Define Every Presidency, said: he. “The White House chief traditionally tries to put everyone on the same page. I think this might be one way to do that. Whenever he’s tweeting, everyone He knows what his priority is at a particular moment of the day. He can move Joe Biden’s agenda forward by cheerleading and lining up everyone. Seems to work for. “Returning to” normal “is inherently not positive. It was the political situation that plagued America in the first place, and there is the idea that an outsider like Trump promised to destroy the system. However, analysts point out the difference between Biden’s style and substance. His quiet and almost boring approach goes against the bold agenda that won the comparison with Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. Ezra Klein, a New York Times columnist, claims that Biden can dial up policies by dialing down disputes. In other words, the sound and anger of Trump may not make much sense, but Biden’s nearly extinguishing act could ultimately allow him to become much more important. Gallston, a former policy adviser to Bill Clinton, added: In many respects, it is an administration that allows us to recognize more, whether or not we celebrate them. But perhaps in the most important way, that is, in its policy ambitions, the administration is not normal. Trump doesn’t always go out forever. He continues to have a tremendous influence on the Republican Party, campaigning during the 2022 midterm elections, and perhaps even for the White House in 2024, with the potential to return to politics soon. breaking Dawn. Mo Bella, a senior adviser to Biden during his time as Vice President, said: Did you tweet and what damage did he do today? “As the majority of Americans who voted for Joe Biden, I don’t think we understood how stressful it was emotionally, mentally, and mentally. It’s a heavy burden on the shoulders and heart. It feels like. With Joe Biden there, there was a feeling that something would all work, and that was the absolute antithesis of what I felt under Donald Trump. “