CinemaCon says it “reassesses security measures” after Olivia Wilde’s envelope case

Organizer CinemaCon He says he will investigate security in detail later. Olivia Wilde A dissertation was published in the middle of her presentation at the event.

The amazing moment when Wild was unexpectedly handed a child custody document in front of the crowd was widely shared on social media.

Mitch Neuhauser, Head of CinemaCon, said Hollywood Reporter: “Reassess security protocols to protect the integrity of studio partners and resources.”

“Never in the history of the event,” Neuhauser, managing director of the National Association of Theater Owners, emphasized that CinemaCon had a random approach to the stars on stage.

Wild was presenting a trailer for her next movie Don’t worry about darling At the Las Vegas Film Festival on Tuesday (April 26th), an unidentified woman approached the stage to hand over a Manila envelope.

“Is this for me?” Wild asked the woman before opening the envelope labeled “Personal and Confidential.”

Individuals who submit documents to Wild are allegedly trusted by CinemaCon. Vulture Reporter Chris Lee Tweet CinemaCon’s “appropriate source” is ” [Wilde] The document had all the proper qualifications, including the Covidvax bracelet and ID strap that attendees must wear.

Onlookers initially believed that the envelope contained the script for the movie, but later it was reported that the content was actually a document of child custody from her ex-partner. Ted Lasso creator Jason Sudeikis..

Jason Sudeikis talks about separation from Olivia Wilde (Getty Images for IFP)

Jason Sudeikis talks about separation from Olivia Wilde (Getty Images for IFP)

Sources have said since then variety That day kiss “Never tolerate” Deliver legal documents wildly in such an “inappropriate way.”

Sources added: “Mr. Sdeikis had no prior knowledge of when or where the envelope was delivered. This depends on the process service company involved and she will never be offered in such an improper way. I didn’t accept it. “

Independent We asked the representatives of Wild and Sudaykis for comment.

Wild and Sudakis ended their relationship in November 2020 after a seven-year contract. The couple shares a daisy (4) with their two children, Otis (7).