Civil rights, Trump concludes Jackson’s hearing

Washington (AP) — Senate Historical Hearing Judge Ketanji Brown JacksonThe first black woman nominated for Supreme Court, JoyfulCombat and clearly, the breadth of the division of the country’s factions and its past unsolved problems will be exhibited.

The 4th and last day Jackson’s review by the House Judiciary Committee ended Thursday with a few hours of testimony from outside experts.

The American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Federal Justice has given Jackson, who was educated at Harvard University, the highest rating of “sufficient qualifications.” Her junior high school friend was furious at the “supernova” debate team champion, and Skeptix, including the Attorney General of Alabama, warned that her view of crime and police was “outside the mainstream.”

However, due to changes in the rules of the Trump era, in the 50-50 Senate, where it was no longer necessary to gain widespread support to identify candidates for the Supreme Court, the hearing was not about the previous vote, but the final result. There is more about building politics.

Democrats are on track to confirm the election of President Joe Biden, and votes are expected by the time Senator departs for the Spring Break scheduled for April 8.

Some points from the 4th day of the weekly hearing:

Check the record

“Excellent, excellent, excellent, wonderful.”

The ABA Commission has given Jackson the same highest rating given to recent Supreme Court candidates. Judge Amy Coney Barrett..

Commission Chair Ann Claire Williams testified about a review of about 250 legal experts in Jackson’s record. Asked how Jackson’s integrity is viewed, Williams said, “These are comments.”

Republican senators focus on a narrow part of the judge’s job, Child pornography case Jackson himself said it was one of the “most difficult” things in her career-some of which still give her a nightmare.

Just as the senator opposed the first black candidate, Thurgood Marshall, Half a century ago, a well-known civil rights lawyer described his work in defending blacks as vulnerable to crime. Republicans have spotlighted Jackson’s decision in criminal cases. They show too much “empathy” for the defendant.

Republican witness Steven T. Marshall, Attorney General of Alabama, said he believes Jackson shows more respect than the victims for the criminals who appear in court. He said her view on law enforcement reform was “outside the mainstream.”

Republicans are trying to connect Jackson to the left-wing “Defund the Police” movement, but it’s unclear if that approach is working. The judge was emotionally talked about his brother and uncle who worked as police officers, with the support of the police brotherhood, the country’s largest law enforcement agency.


Trump’s influence hover

Donald Trump has left the White House, but His influence on the Republican Party Endure.

One of the witnesses summoned by Republicans was Alessandra Serano, Chief Legal Officer of Operation Underground Railroad, a Utah-based anti-trafficking nonprofit organization. He is under investigation in the state for exaggerating his role in the arrest of law enforcement agencies involving child predators to raise funds.

The organization became popular online and succeeded in raising money from conspiracy theories born of suburban mothers and groups. QAnon Conspiracy TheoryThis casts Trump as a hero fighting a trafficking conspirator who manipulates the trafficking circle that worships Satan.

Because the Republican Party is focusing on Jackson’s decision in the child pornography case, it will take advantage of this tension of the Republican Party and its popularity among supporters of the former president before the November election to decide control of Congress. Raising the interest of voters.

Since his retirement in Florida, Trump has falsely claimed to have won the 2020 election, a belief shared by many Republicans. Despite dozens of proceedings and independent reviews that rejected Republican claims in fraudulent elections.. Trump is considering another action for the President in 2024.

At some point on Thursday, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, DR.I. Tried to air some of these points. He asked Marshall of Alabama if Biden was the “officially elected president” of the United States.

Marshall replied that Biden was president.

When witnesses deliberately omitted the word “formally elected,” Marshall simply reiterated, “I’m answering the question. He’s the President of the United States.”

Alabama, along with Marshall, was one of the other states to participate in a proceeding to challenge the outcome of the 2020 elections.


Next Civil Rights Era

The Senate hearing was by Senator Cory Booker, DN.J. As stated, it is filled daily with some of the major civil rights leaders celebrating, joy” To reach this milestone in American history.

In a testimony on Thursday, Congressman Joyce Beity, chairman of Parliament’s Black Caucus, said Booker “spoken to the United States as well as Black America.”

Beatty, D-Ohaio, puts Jackson’s moment alongside civil rights symbol Rosa Parks and other American moments to see what the judge’s confirmation to the High Court means to the country. I urged the Senator.

“We didn’t see it 50-65 years ago anymore,” she said. “But we are still fighting,” she said of the past civil rights struggle era.


Vote counting

Senators no longer need bipartisan cooperation to identify judicial candidates after a change in the rules that allow a simple 51-vote majority for a lifetime appointment to court.

The Republicans want to at least doubt the outcome, as Jackson’s nomination is largely guaranteed by the Democrats, who can break the tie with Vice President Kamala Harris and have a majority of 50-50 seats. thinking about.

Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley, Texas Ted Cruz Marsha Blackburn, Tennessee, led the indictment, asking federal judges about her views on racial and criminal issues, amplifying the dissatisfaction of the election year and the opposition to cultural change.

Jackson First federal lawyer Alongside her efforts to represent those nominated by the Supreme Court and accused of crimes Her work as a federal judgeProvides a long record of cases that are difficult for Senators to consider.

Jackson presented himself with a judge who relied on methods rather than judicial philosophy to remain neutral while working to “stay in my lane.”

If confirmed, Jackson will also be the sixth female judge in court history and the fourth of the nine members of the current court.


Associated Press writers Colleen Long and Mary Clare Jalonick contributed to this report.