Clarence Thomas again moves to block Jan. 6 investigation that could implicate his wife

In a written dissenting opinion Monday, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas blocks enforcement of a subpoena issued by the House Jan. 6 Committee for Arizona Republican Speaker Kerry Ward’s phone and text records. showed that it would be

The commission is seeking records related to Ward’s role in former President Donald Trump’s efforts to steal the 2020 election as a fake electoral voter in Trump’s Electoral College.

This is the second time Thomas has suggested stepping in to thwart a commission’s efforts to investigate a conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election involving his wife, Ginny Thomas.

Thomas used to The Only Justice That Disputes The court’s refusal to block the Jan. 6 release of White House records held by the National Archives to the Commission. In March, it was revealed that his wife had been in touch with White House officials about Trump’s plot to overthrow President Joe Biden’s victory.

text message Between Trump’s former White House Chiefs of Staff Mark Meadows and Ginny Thomas, a judge’s wife becomes addicted to unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about election fraud and plots with the White House to overturn Trump’s defeat. It was made clear that

Email message from Thomas to State Legislator, Including Arizonarevealed her efforts to pressure Republican state legislatures to reject Biden electors and appoint fake electors that support Trump. could be submitted to Congress as part of Trump’s plan to force then-Vice President Mike Pence to reject Biden’s electors and declare Trump the victor.

Ward had asked the High Court to block a lower court’s decision ordering her to comply with the committee’s subpoenas. and said that forcing her to comply could “chill public participation in partisan politics”.

However, the court dismissed her appeal and pave the way for the House panel Get Ward’s phone records. Judge Samuel Alito joined Thomas in challenging the denial of Ward’s request.

Thomas refused to decline a case involving his wife’s political activism, but did so. previously declined a case involving his son.

Ginni Thomas personally testified before the January 6th Commission in September. She reportedly told the panel that she still believed the lie that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.

Judge Thomas ruled in favor of blocking the disclosure of Trump White House documents before his wife’s text messages with Meadows went public. resign, resign, or be impeached For throwing himself into a case that appeared to defend his wife’s political activism.

Others said that Thomas’ continued participation in the Jan. 6 lawsuit brought him to court. Comply with a binding code of ethics.