Clemson football player was charged after the collision and a mail carrier was seriously injured


A Clemson football player was arrested after police said he had collided with a postal truck and injured two people in the collision.

Fredrick Davis, 19 years old, Tigers second grade cornerback, Leaving himself to Clemson police on Sunday to face charges of reckless driving, Several media outlets quoted a statement from the Clemson police station on Sunday.

Davis has been accused of driving over the posted speed limit of 60 miles when he collided with the rear of a US mail carrier at US 123 in Clemson on July 21st. WSPA TV reported a collision Around 3 pm between Berkeley Drive and US93 Overpass.

According to police, Davis couldn’t stop because of the speed at the time. Football players have been accused of driving 115 mph in the 55 mph zone.

Due to the force of the impact, the postal truck turned over to the oncoming vehicle. The WSPA then reported that two other vehicles collided with each other in an attempt to avoid the postal truck.

The Dodge Charger, reportedly driven by Davis, then moved in both lanes, crossed guardrails, and stopped on the shoulder of the freeway.

After the accident, two drivers were taken to the hospital, and police said the mail carrier was seriously injured and faced a recovery period of several months.

According to a Clemson football spokesperson, Davis did not report any injuries during the collision. FOX Carolina reported that Davis had been heard on Sunday and was released.

“Fred Davis remains in the program, but is subject to internal discipline,” a spokesman told the state. “The basis for the internal discipline of such misdemeanors is covered by the terms of the Clemson Student Athletes Handbook, which states that the head coach can recommend a course of action and is designated (Clemson University Land). Competition Department) The consent of the manager is required. Sanctions will be managed. “

During his first season at Clemson in 2020, Davis made 13 tackles with two pass breakups in 11 games. The Florida native was a four-star rookie who came out of the Trinity Christian Academy and committed to the Tigers on April 8, 2019.

Jorge Campos, Clemson Police Chief, said in a statement that South Carolina has no charges for reckless driving injuries.

“In most cases, the injured suffer from a lot of pain, multiple medical procedures, long recovery times, and they are deprived of their freedom to live an injured-free life,” Campos said. “Criminals currently have only a few hurdles to navigate and live freely, especially if they are not injured, but the injured are not.”