Cleo Wade takes AD in her daughter’s whimsical nursery

After my daughter Memphis was born in January 2020, my fiancé Simon Kinberg and I worked on how to decorate her nursery. I didn’t know what I wanted the room to look like. I knew how I wanted to feel in a warm, light, cheerful and smiling space.After all, the atmosphere looked appropriate in consideration For babies.. So when it was finally time to get to work and start turning my old room into a nursery, I called one of my best friends, the interior designer. Eduardo Ardiles..

Simon and I are both writers, so I’m used to doing a lot of research before jumping into a project.Memphis Nursery school It was no exception. And just before I started working, I was writing my first children’s book. What the road saidSo I spent a lot of time reading and analyzing classic children’s books, and one of my favorite elements was illustration.So when we delve into studying design schemes for Nursery school, We turned to those same illustrations for inspiration and came up with our concept: a magical tent in the middle of a friendly jungle.

Wade's first children's book, What the Road Said, has been published.

Wade’s first children’s book, What the road said, Currently out.

Schumacher and Claremont fabric accent pillows on RH's Devyn Tufted Daybed.

Edo may have been excited about my concept, but he was aware of the need for both nursery style and practicality. “I worked closely with Cleo to create the mood and style, keeping in mind that the room must be both fantastic and functional,” Ardiles explains. “Both Cleo and Simon wanted a room that was practical and not very valuable, so I chose most of the catalog furniture and accessory combinations I personalized to complement the room artwork.”

The first step was the walls and ceiling that were originally planned to be covered with wallpaper, but I refused because Simon and I wanted to include certain plant and animal motifs. Edo eventually asked artist Evan Wilson for a custom Trompe-l’Ouille mural, which was absolutely amazing. When it comes to furniture, as Memphis grew older, I wanted to choose furniture that fits both the jungle theme and age.

Milo Glider at Crate and Barrel offers storytime seating, and Stark Rag is the perfect place for playtime. The side tables are Serena and Lily (left) and Crate & amp; barrel (right). The crib is by Ducduc.

Two important parts of the room, the Crate and Barrel nursing chair and the RH Daybed Covered with a performance fabric that can withstand some nasty moments. In addition, Schumacher and Claremont fabric pillows accentuate the African motifs that appear throughout the space. The very soft Stark rug was also a very careful choice on the Edo side. “The family knew most of the time they would play on the floor with their new baby, so they chose a luxurious circular rug to cover most of the hardwood floor in the room,” he says. It’s capricious and chic.

Instead of using wallpaper, interior designer Eduardo Ardiles commissioned artist Evan Wilson to paint custom murals on the walls and ceiling.

Instead of using wallpaper, interior designer Eduardo Ardiles commissioned artist Evan Wilson to paint custom murals on the walls and ceiling.

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This idea could have easily gone in the direction of a terrifying circus, but Edo cleverly blended our original quirky ideas with unparalleled elegance to make this room Simon and inside the house. I made it my favorite. “Together, we have achieved our goal. We have created a functional yet warm and comfortable environment for Memphis and his parents. A magical distant place like at home. That’s what Edo says. I couldn’t agree anymore. — As told Jessica Charner..

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