Clerk complete recount of Nevada Republican Governor’s race

Reno, Nevada (AP) —Country election officials conclude a two-day state-wide ballot recount at the Governor’s Primary Association on Friday with changes in results in the two most populous counties in the state. I couldn’t, and showed the finisher in 2nd place. Joey Gilbert loses to Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombard in a crowded field.

Secretary of State Nevada confirmed on Friday afternoon that all 17 counties had been recounted. Authorities did not post or comment on the informal results, but Clark and Washoe counties confirmed that Lombardo had defeated Gilbert. The person who paid the recount Despite being 11 percentage points below Lombardo after the June 14 vote.

Clark and Washoe counties make up 75% of the ballots cast by the governor in the Republican primary in Nevada.

Gilbert, who was outside the US Capitol during the January 6 riot, ran on a platform partially shaped by unfounded allegations of fraudulent elections, with election workers properly verifying signatures and ballots. He claimed that the ballot for Lombard was “injected” without monitoring. To the system. He provides no evidence of those claims.

He said he didn’t expect the results to change significantly, but later asked for a recount to challenge the election results in court. He accused Nevada and the second most populous county in the state, but with the help of right-wing activist and crypto businessman Robert Beadles, he stepped up surveillance of elections in the county.

“The only thing they do is use the same fixed and cooked ballot and pass it through the same broken machine,” Gilbert said in a video shot outside the Clark County elections department on Thursday. rice field. “So do I expect more to come? No, but it’s part of the process.”

The June 14th contest in Nevada proved largely successful for candidates approved by Trump and those who called the 2020 election a scam. Republican U.S. Senator candidate Adam Laxal co-chairs Trump’s reelection campaign in Nevada to overturn the state’s 2020 election results based on fraudulent claims. Led the unsuccessful court opposition. Secretary of State Jim Merchant told voters at the Candidates Forum in February that their votes were “not counted for decades.”

Gilbert congratulated Laksalt and Merchant on the same ballot, despite disagreeing with his race.

Gilbert’s team paid Secretary of State Nevada $ 190,960 before the 5 pm deadline on Friday. It is based on estimated costs submitted by each of the 17 counties in Nevada.

“We were all preparing for it,” said Sam Merlino, secretary of Nye County, after submitting a cost estimate last Wednesday. “We all felt that there would be election contests and recounts.”

For the Republicans, Gilbert’s apparent rejection of the outcome reflects an increasing challenge two years after many within the party have accepted the disproved allegations of fraudulent elections. The leader wants to encourage voting while supporting Gilbert and appealing to tens of thousands of people who distrust the election.

The day after the election, state GOP chairman Michael McDonald, who rejected the 2020 election results, accused Gilbert and said it was time to unite behind Lombardo in a rare case of criticism of the far right in the state.

“The election is over. It’s called. Joe Lombardo has won. We need to unite together,” he said, calling Gilbert’s reaction “emotional.”

Allegations of unfounded fraud are already influential in Nevada.Last week, dozens of angry voters urged county commissioners in Clark and Washoe counties to vote against Tally’s recognition, explaining their own experience in voting, and nearly. Derailmentcertification In New Mexico earlier this month.

Last week, two county commissioners in Esmeralda County manually counted all 317 votes cast after the committee. delay First certification up to 1 day.However, all counties Authenticated Elections by Friday’s deadline.

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