Cliff diving record falls as Hunt and Ifland win in Ireland

The dominant duo ensures a thrilling victory on an action-packed day.

Gary Hunt and Lianan Ifland maintained their victory on a dramatic and almost incredible day of action at the fourth stop of the 2021 Red Bull Riff Diving World Series in Downpatrick Head, Ireland. .. Here’s what you need to know:

Four-time champion Iffland, held on the rugged Irish coast, was simply out of control. Starting the third round in an unfamiliar third position, the Australian blows his rivals out of the water with a sensational “perfect dive” and, for the first time in her glittering career, wins five ten from the judges. bottom.

Not only was Ifland the first woman to achieve this feat, but she also surpassed past records with the highest single dive score ever and won a record 11 consecutive World Series titles.

Ryanan Ifland, Australia
Australia’s Ryanan Ifland will dive from a 21-meter platform during the final competition day of the fourth stop of the Red Bull Riff Diving World Series at Downpatrick Head, Ireland on September 12, 2021. (DeanTreml / Red Bull Content Pool via Reuters)

Joining Ifland on the podium were second-placed Canadian Jessica Jung Koley and Australian wildcard Xantheia Pennisi, who made it into the top three for the first time with the best display of their career.

Ifland said: I was also feeding a little from my training partner Xantheia Pennisi. Entering the last two rounds of today, it was neck and neck, and I think I really ate the pressure and enjoyed it. “

She added: “Warm-up diving didn’t work, so I decided I had to change the way I think about competition and made sure I would give everything. I went through the water and said,” Wow, that’s it. It worked really well. ” I’m very happy and I think I have to find a way to spice up and keep pushing myself.

“I think I can relax a bit and enjoy the competition a little more now. That said, I still want to get out there and do my best to beat those scores again. This is what I am aiming for next. “

French Gary Hunt diving
France’s Gary Hunt will dive from a 27.5-meter platform during the final competition day of the fourth stop of the Red Bull Riff Diving World Series at Downpatrick Head, Ireland on September 12, 2021. (DeanTreml / Red Bull Content Pool via Reuters)

In the men’s competition, Hunt won his 41st career victory after a fascinating diving day. The French scored three 10s in the second round on Saturday, but saw his rivals increasing pressure with a series of high-scoring dives in the third and fourth rounds.

Romania’s Constantin Popovici started a teenage overload by winning four on his third dive. Then, in the final round, British genius Aidan Heslop won two, Italy’s Alessandro de Rose won three, and Spanish wildcard Carlos Guimeno spectated in the first ever perfect handstand dive. I was surprised. judge.

Despite this series of incredible dives, Hunt postponed the challenge from the chase pack to claim victory. Popovich came in second and Derose was in the top three for the first time since 2017.

Hunt said: “I’m looking forward to fireworks from Italy. I feel like everyone is really taking a step forward. You’ve seen how many 10s have been awarded to this competition and everyone is comfortable. It’s going to be really, really tough, but that’s what I like about this sport. It’s going to get tougher every year and I hope to finish this season with great success. “

The 37-year-old woman added: “This is a special victory for me as I go home and go to my father-in-law’s funeral. I hope I can bring them a little joy. This is dedicated to him.”

On a weekend in the history of cliff diving, 23 record-breaking top notes were handed out, two perfect dives were recorded for the first time in a single stop, and Guimeno became the first diver to do a handstand dive. Rocks during the first round.

Next to the best cliff divers in the world is a trip to Puglia, Italy on September 22nd.

Men’s results

1. Gary Hunt FRA 442.50

2. Constantine Popovich ROU433.60

3. Alessand Rodellos ITA 419.55

4. Carlos Jimeno (W) ESP 395.40

5. David Colturi USA 393.10

Men’s ranking

1. Gary Hunt FRA 560 points

2. Constantine Popovich ROU450

3. Catalin Preda (W) ROU 339

4. Alessand Rodellos ITA314

5. Carlos Jimeno (W) ESP 232

Women’s results

1. Rhiannan Iffland AUS 391.60

2. Jessica Macole CAN343.80

3. Xantheia Pennisi (W) AUS 338.20

4. Molly Carlson CAN316.80

5. Eleanor Smart 302.80

Women’s ranking

1. Rhiannan Iffland AUS 600 points

2. Jessica Macole CAN420

3. Molly Carlson (W) CAN 346

4. Xantheia Pennisi (W) AUS 272

5. Eleanor Smart USA 260