Climate change threatens Florida’s jewel Everglades

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“China could surprise the world”: Al Gore

Gore hopes that China and the United States will make a difference and cooperate in climate negotiations after a new announcement by President Xi Jinping last month in an interview broadcast at the Reuters Impact Conference on Monday (October 4). Said that. I swear to stop investing in overseas coal factories. Gore also commented on recent actions by business groups such as the Net Zero Asset Manager Initiative, a group of investors with $ 43 trillion in assets who participated in the promotion to limit greenhouse gases to net zero by 2050. He said he was hoping, but he called for effort, and the fossil fuel company “fooled people into thinking that the climate crisis wasn’t realistic, not so bad, or that there was a solution in their perspective. “Absolutely wrong information to try” is being promoted. Renewable natural gas, or gas captured from landfills or agricultural waste. “It’s ridiculous. That’s not the case,” Gore said of so-called renewable natural gas.