“Clinton prosecution” has opened up a big conspiracy in Russia, says a top Republican investigator

A cybersecurity lawyer charged by a grand jury this week in an investigation by John Durham’s special counsel warned Republican leaders that he could become the “corrupted man” of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. ..

manager Devin NunesA ranking member of the House intelligence committee told Newsmax Thursday that there was evidence of widespread Russian collusion conspiracy-a claim investigated by a team of parliamentarians. Contact the Justice Ministry.. However, he warned Clinton that “their lawyers and agents have a long history of disappearing.”

Former Perkins Koy lawyer Michael Sussman said the FBI had no clients when he was representing the Technology Executive and Clinton campaign during a meeting on possible links between former President Donald Trump and Russia. He has been accused of misrepresenting it to a top lawyer.Sasman Acquitted On suspicion of lying to the FBI on Friday, lawyers never said he had no customers, claiming that he represented only tech executives.

Durham is not expected to bring charges linked to intelligence on Russia’s election interference: Report

Perkins Koy’s law firm is already tied to Russia’s problems. Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign manager, said: 2017 He allowed Marc Elias, another lawyer who worked for Perkins Koy until recently, to hire an outside company to dig up Trump’s relationship with Russia in 2016.This led to a former British spy lister Anti-Trump Documents That Lost Steele’s Credit..

Nunez in the “Slam Dunk” indictment confirms that Sasman was essential to help the Clinton team unfold the story that there was a secret back channel between Russia’s Alfa Bank and the Trump organization. Claimed to have good evidence. The FBI investigated the claims and couldn’t find any evidence to support them, but not before the media reported on the investigation and the Clinton campaign. Promoted the claim For the 2016 contest.

Beyond the “circumstantial evidence” that California Republicans already had, the House of Representatives said, “We now have email and communications, and apparently Durham interviewed with this.” rice field.

“I hope this is just the first of a few other prosecutions,” Nunes said, adding that some government officials still want him to be held accountable. But he emphasized that the new complaint does not seem to be good for members of the Clinton campaign or for other parties to the Biden administration, such as White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan.

Nunez said Durham was “around the wagon” and was “surprised” if Sasman did not agree to a judicial deal.

“There was a plot here,” Nunez said. “I’ve heard I’ve been talking about this for years. The Clinton campaign has colluded with really bad agents and bad actors at the FBI and elsewhere, so you’re lying to the FBI. We know that people have colluded. Conspiracy is a big responsibility and it can be very widespread. That’s what I want — that’s all I did. Will he be the corrupt man of the Clinton campaign? Have you seen it in history, do you remember? See people in history being the corrupt man of Clinton I came. “

Durham is a U.S. lawyer appointed by former Attorney General William Barr to investigate the origin and conduct of the Trump Russian investigation, and last year was a special counsel to continue his work on the Biden administration. I got a position.

Hillary Clinton greets supporters at the 2016 presidential primary night rally. (AP photo / Julio Cortez)

Durham’s efforts have long been criticized by Democrats and legal observers who claim they intend to undermine Robert Mueller’s special investigation into the alleged relationship between the Trump 2016 campaign and Russia. rice field. Still, Trump and his allies defended it as a means of eradicating corrupt officials to resolve political scores.

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Mueller’s team was unable to find a criminal plot between the Trump campaign and Russia. However, his report explained 10 cases of judicial obstruction that Democrats may have seized as a roadmap to impeachment.The investigation led to again Some beliefs And he was guilty of being guilty of Trump’s companion on suspicion of having nothing to do with the collusion with Russia.

He has been investigating the origin and conduct of Russian investigations for over two years, but Durham has not sought any accusations related to the plot. So far, Durham has received only one plea from former FBI lawyer Kevin Kleinesmith, who admitted to changing the email about Trump Campaign’s aides under government surveillance.

According to a recent report, the prosecutor Lower level FBI agents, etc. It spurred the Trump-Russia investigation when he was investigating the information provided to the FBI in 2016.

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