Clive Palmer appears to fund Craig Kelly Facebook proceedings over COVID-19 “misinformation” ban


Mining tycoon Clive Palmer said Australian Parliamentarian Craig Kelly will provide financial support after a proceeding against Facebook.His politician was lifted following a post in favor of an alternative treatment for COVID-19.

Kelly was completely removed from Facebook and Instagram due to “misinformation” after sharing a peer-reviewed treatise by healthcare professionals supporting hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19 that has not been approved in Australia. ..

Parliamentarians have requested the House of Representatives to begin investigating Facebook’s actions against Facebook’s breach. 1987 Parliamentary Privilege Act— This was rejected and Kelly was forced to sue the social media platform on its own.

The law defines crime as: “Acts (including the use of words) are members or members’ obligations as members.”

“It’s just a horrifying situation for a foreign entity like Facebook to censor an elected MP in Australia,” Kelly told The Epoch Times earlier.

Epoch Times Photo
Craig Kelly, a former congressman, talks to the media about concerns about the AstraZeneca vaccine and blood clotting at a press conference in the mural hall of the Capitol in Canberra, Australia, on March 16, 2021. (SamMooy / Getty Images)

Kelly will file a proceeding for defamation and breach of contract, but said that a high-priced proceeding would not be possible without outside help.

“The cost of proceedings against companies like Facebook exceeds our legal resources,” Kelly told The Epoch Times. “Such a proceeding will cost millions of dollars.”

According to Kelly, billionaire and founder of the Australian Party, Palmer, told him he would support his proceedings and be willing to fund the campaign.

“We haven’t reached an agreement so far, but we believe it’s very important for Facebook to take responsibility, so we’re finalizing the details,” Kelly said.

“I don’t want a penny for myself. These principles are protected because you can’t create a foreign company that threatens Australian parliamentarians or tries to limit their speech. I just want to make sure that freedom of speech is protected. “

Palmer also said he would support Kelly’s next election campaign, which forced Congressmen to stand independent after the Liberal Party of Australia accused him. Against his stance on hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

“It is more important than ever that we have some independent leadership at this important time in the future of our country, and Craig Kelly is a very sincere person,” Palmer said. Ta Australian person..

Clive Palmer
Clive Palmer, federal leader of the Australian Party of the United States, speaks to the media at a press conference in Townsville on April 18, 2019. (AAPImage / Michael Chambers)

“My admiration for Craig Kelly stems from the courage he has. Courage is one of the rarest things in political life today, and his belief in confronting what he believes. It’s good to see who has it.

“In Australia, we believe that people have the right to speak out what they think is right, without agreeing to the debate. Indeed, parliamentarians are responsible for having the conscience to fight for voters, not the party. There is, “says Palmer.

August Zimmermann, director of legal affairs at Sheridan College and former lawmaker, said Kelly had good grounds to challenge Facebook for both defamation and breach of contract.

“I think he has a basis for defamation because he needs to articulate a person’s name,” Zimmerman told The Epoch Times. “It was very clear that he was the target of censorship and defamation.”

Zimmerman also said Facebook could actually be in breach of the deal because the deletion was under the pretext of false information. Mr Kelly didn’t, he says.

“They claim that the information he provided is misleading when he was actually making comments based on the reports of a very prominent member of a medical academic expert,” Zimmerman said. Added. “He was quoting an article that was the subject of a blind peer review publication.”

Some of Kelly’s posts included links to a collection of research papers websites. Hydroxychloroquine have IvermectinThe combination lists hundreds of studies conducted on drugs in the treatment of COVID-19, most of which are peer-reviewed.

Kelly defended his post because Facebook did not specifically provide information about which posts violated their contract and he simply shared the views of medical professionals internationally. Said.

“I’m quoting doctors and health professionals who have different opinions than other doctors and health professionals. That doesn’t make it false information. It’s a different opinion.” Said Kelly.

“A society where Facebook is a true arbitrator is a very dangerous society.”