Close all Ontario schools and move to online learning


Toronto (AP) — All schools in Canada’s most populous province are closed due to a record number of coronavirus infections caused by more contagious viral variants and move to online learning. The Ontario Prime Minister announced on Monday.

Prime Minister Doug Ford said his government would only go online after the spring break in April this week.

Schools in Canada’s largest city, Toronto, have already closed since last Wednesday. Now it’s the entire state. The Peel region, adjacent to Toronto, made a decision last week after the state refused to act.

More than 4,000 new infections per day have recently been seen in Ontario, including 4,401 on Monday, and the number of intensive care units has been recorded.

Spring break began on Monday after the state postponed it to March to discourage travel during the pandemic.

“Returning children to a school collective environment after a week off in the community is a risk I don’t take,” Ford said.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce said the government would decide when the school would reopen in class, with the advice of the Chief Health Officer of the Ontario Department of Health.

Lecce said in a letter sent just Sunday that the school would reopen for class study next week. Opposition Liberal Party leader Stephen del Ducca said Lecce should be fired.

Ford has been criticized by health officials for doing nothing more to control the infection after months of warning.

“I can’t emphasize this enough. We’re in a crisis right now. Many health indicators continue to outpace the worst-case scenarios,” Ford said.

Vaccination has increased in Canada in recent weeks, and all adults seeking vaccination are expected to receive at least one vaccination by July. Canada, like many other countries, has been delayed in vaccination because it was incapable of producing vaccines and had to rely on its global supply chain. By July, more than 45 million doses are expected to be available in 38 million countries, while cases in Canada are skyrocketing.