Close San Francisco stores early in response to theft and safety concerns

The target is to change the opening hours of stores in the San Francisco area due to an increase in crime in the San Francisco area.

Six stores in the San Francisco area will close at 6 pm instead of 10 pm due to concerns about increased customer safety and theft. Announcement..

“Similar to reports from other retailers in the region, San Francisco stores have seen a significant increase in theft and security issues over the past month. Targets have been elected by local law enforcement agencies. We are encouraging officials and community partners to address our concerns, “said a retail giant. Said in a friday statement.. “We have temporarily reduced the opening hours of our six San Francisco stores, with the safety of our guests, team members and community as our top priority.”

40% of San Francisco residents plan to leave for quality of life: polls

Pharmacy chain Walgreens Shutter 10 stores in the area in response to the surge in shoplifting, Announced in March.

A Shoplifters spread by word of mouth In June, he filled a trash bag full of Walgreens merchandise, and the guards were waiting and watching, so he took the merchandise and rode a bicycle from the store.

“In the last five years, 17 Walgreens, almost all Gap retailers have disappeared and CVS has been assaulted,” said San Francisco supervisor Ahsha Safai. About the surge in crime..

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In San Francisco, certain crimes are on the rise, including a surge in car robbery. Increased by 700% in some areas, Police statistics showed.Robbery, car theft, arson incident In 2020, it increased dramatically compared to the previous year.,and Murder increased by 17%..

According to a poll conducted by the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, 40% of residents plan to leave the city in the next few years, and eight out of ten people in San Francisco have worsened city crime and quality of life. I think it is declining. For them.

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