Clubhouse is finally out of beta testing and is officially open to everyone



Want to join now Clubhouse There is no need to enter the waiting list anymore. Six months after its launch, this instant voice social app has just ended its beta test. Users can directly share the link to invite others to join. To commemorate this milestone, today the official also released a new logo.

Clubhouse announced a series of data at the end of the beta test, including that there are now 500,000 chat rooms online every day, in MayAndroid version availableAfter 10 million people signed up, it was launched last weekPrivate message functionAfter the community has sent out 90 million messages, and on average, all users spend more than one hour in the app every day.

Clubhouse intends to launch an update every one to two weeks in the coming days to keep the app fresh to users. This rhythm is basically similar to other social networking sites.

Although it can be seen from the data that Clubhouse has recruited many loyal users, they still face many challenges. After their launch, different platforms such as Twitter,Facebook,Instagram,Discord even Spotify All are vying to increase the function of real-time voice chat rooms. Therefore, if Clubhouse wants to continue its development, opening its functions to everyone is the most important and unavoidable step.