CNN Anchor Tears GOP Lawmakers Over Clinton-Trump Double Standards

manager Mike Turner (Republican-Ohio) faced heat Tuesday after CNN accused former secretary of state of having ‘two standards’ Hillary Clinton and former president donald trump.

Turner before an interview with Anchor Pamela Brownsent a letter to the FBI director Christopher Ray ask him Describe the ‘unprecedented’ attack at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home on Monday.

The interview took place the day after many news outlets reported on the FBI raid. It was linked to the Justice Department investigation into allegations of Trump wrongdoing Confidential documents when he moved from the White House to his Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida.

A search warrant for Trump’s property has yet to reach the public eye.

Turner suggested the raid was politically motivated and said officials treated Trump differently than Clinton because of his use of a personal email server as secretary of state. rice field.

“Hillary Clinton has her own computer system and classified information, is given a subpoena, and goes through that server to see if it’s personal or official material, two criteria,” Turner said. There is,” Turner said.

“And this president — the president, not the secretary of state — is being raided. Clearly two different criteria, and we want to know why.”

Brown pointed to Turner’s 2016 statement calling for Clinton to be “held accountable for her extremely careless actions.”

Brown asked why he doesn’t share “the same concerns” about Trump’s alleged mishandling of documents from the White House.

“Why were you worried about Hillary Clinton and not now about Donald Trump?” Brown asked.

Turner responded that Clinton materials tracked her down when she was working as secretary of state, but that materials allegedly in Trump’s possession may or may not actually be “classified.” It may not be.

Brown turned the interview back to Turner’s allegations that the Justice Department is targeting a political rival to President Joe Biden.

Seconds before Turner’s response, CNN began playing a reel of “political opponents” that Trump wanted the Justice Department to launch an investigation into.

Turner then claimed that the Obama and Biden White Houses had begun the “politicization” of the FBI and Justice Department.

He also talked about the possibility of Trump becoming president in 2024. This is what makes him an “absolute” political rival to Biden.

Brown asked if Turner’s remarks about his “absolute” political rival suggested that Biden’s Justice Department was “trying to chase Trump” into 2024.

Turner made a quick return to anchor in the air.

You can watch the continuation of Turner’s intense interview with Brown.

This article originally appeared on huff post and updated.