CNN panel sick of Trump grand jury foreperson’s ‘painful’ media appearances

CNN host Anderson Cooper legal analyst Ellie Honig expressed concern on Tuesday. A succession of media appearances By the head of the grand jury investigating the former president donald trumpAn attempt to overturn Georgia’s 2020 presidential election.

Foreperson Emily Coase was interviewed by several news outlets, including CNN, about the grand jury deliberations. Offer shy and cryptic hints About who will be prosecuted.

“It’s not a short list,” she said with a laugh on CNN early Tuesday of the list of recommended indictments. I don’t want to share that I made the conscious decision to

“I don’t understand why this person is talking on TV,” Cooper said, according to a recorded clip. mediate“She’s clearly having fun. Is this to blame? She was head of this grand jury.”

Honig, a former state and federal prosecutor, said the interview was a “terrifying idea” and that prosecutors would probably wince at it, and seeing Coles drop the hint was “a terrible idea.” It’s hard,” he added.

“This is a very serious prospect here,” he said. “To prosecute someone means that you can take away their liberties. We are talking potentially. [indicting] The first ex-president in the history of the country. She doesn’t seem to take it too seriously. ”

Honig, a former assistant U.S. attorney, said Coles’ comments could pave the way for Trump’s team to craft a motion to dismiss the indictment on the basis of grand jury malpractice if Trump were indicted. suggested that there is

“She shouldn’t really be talking about anything, but really shouldn’t be talking about deliberations,” he said, describing Cole as “a prosecutor’s nightmare.”

Granted by Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney Certain Sections of Grand Jury Report Released But he declined to name the person who may have recommended the charges, citing due process concerns. A jury of 23 people has reviewed the evidence for seven months since last May. Now it’s up to Fulton County District Attorney Fanny Willis to decide whether to file charges.