CNN retracts ‘unethical’ and ‘insensitive’ coverage of Thai nursery school killings


CNN has apologized for its coverage of a Thai nursery school massacre that left 37 people dead, and pulled the broadcast after criticism over how journalists filmed the crime scene.

The network’s apology came after its report, which featured graphic images of a nursery school’s bloody floor, was denounced by the Thai Journalists Association and the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand (FCCT).

Police have launched an investigation into the matter amid allegations that CNN crew members were not given clearance before entering the scene.

The Thai Journalists Association branded CNN’s actions “unethical” and “insensitive” and called for an internal investigation into the incident in addition to the official Thai investigation.

and statement The FCCT said on Twitter that it was “disappointed” by the report, which was filmed at a nursery school in Nong Bua Lamphu, and that CNN’s team had “brought into a clear crime scene without permission, regardless of what they claimed.”

The FCCT shared a photo alongside the post showing an individual climbing over the fence in front of the nursery school, and a police cordon can be seen encircling the front of the building.

“This was unprofessional and a serious violation of journalistic ethics in crime reporting,” the FCCT added.

Thai attack
On October 9, 2022, relatives of victims of the genocidal attacks gathered for a Buddhist ceremony in front of the Early Childhood Development Center in the rural town of Uthai Sawan, northeastern Thailand. (Sakchai Lalit/AP Photo)

Reporter: “I entered the building in good faith.”

In its initial reaction to the backlash, CNN said: statement On Twitter, he said the reporter had been given permission to film inside the building by three public health officials after the police cordon was lifted at the nursery school.

“The team collected footage inside the center for about 15 minutes before exiting. said.

However, CNN International Executive Vice President and General Manager Mike McCarthy issued a different message. statement Saturday to apologize for the incident.

“The CNN team reporting from the scene of the tragic events in Nong Bua Lamphu asked Thai Health Department officials there for permission to enter the daycare,” the statement said. “The team now understands that these officials did not have the authority to grant this permit. It wasn’t their intention to break the rules.”

“The team entered the premises through an open gate to a yard where other journalists were already present. There were no police tapes on the scene at the time. After working on the team, the team departed but had to climb over the gate to the premises, which is now closed and had police tape in place,” the statement continued. .

“The team entered the building in good faith to get a more complete impression of what happened inside and to humanize the scale of the tragedy for the audience … our report triggered I deeply regret the pain and discomfort that may have occurred,” McCarthy said.

thai shooting
People gather outside a day care center in the town of Uthai Sawan, 500 kilometers (310 miles) northeast of Bangkok, Nong Bua Lamphu province, Thailand, October 6, 2022. (Handout via Sakdipat Boonsom/Reuters)

worst massacre in history

Meanwhile, two CNN journalists involved in the case were each fined 5,000 baht ($133) and forced to leave the country after authorities discovered they had been working despite entering on tourist visas. had to leave.

However, authorities found that the reporter had no intention of trespassing, and no foul play was found to enter the daycare.

CNN members Australian reporter Anna Koren and cameraman Daniel Hodge also video message We express our deep regret for the incident and apologize for causing further pain and suffering to the victim’s family.

Last Thursday’s shooting at a nursery school marked the deadliest massacre in the country’s history, with two of the 37 people killed after gunman Panya Kamlab stormed the building, opened fire and stabbed people. Twenty-four children, ages 1 to 5, died.

Kamrab, a 34-year-old former police officer, was suspended last year on drug charges and was due to face trial for illegal possession of amphetamines, officials said. report.

Fatalities include attackers, their wives, and children.

The Associated Press and Aldgra Fredly contributed to this report.

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