CNN vows to “review” documents showing that Chris Cuomo assisted his brother during a sexual scandal scandal


File: Additional record and video testimony released by Attorney General of New York reveals how much CNN host Chris Cuomo helped his brother Andrew Cuomo during peak sexual misconduct scandals. (Getty Images)

File: Additional record and video testimony released by Attorney General of New York reveals how much CNN host Chris Cuomo helped his brother Andrew Cuomo during peak sexual misconduct scandals. (Getty Images)

CNN On Monday it said it would thoroughly review the document released by New York Prosecutor General This suggests that host Chris Cuomo helped his brother Andrew Cuomo shape the response to the sexual harassment allegations.

“The thousands of additional copies and exhibits released today by the Attorney General of New York deserve a thorough review and review,” the news network said. In addition, the organization “calls for conversations and further clarification of the relevant importance. CNN In the next few days. “

Attorney General of New York has released a copy from an independent investigation into a 63-year-old former New York Governor’s allegations of sexual harassment and corresponding exhibits and videos. Andrew Mark Cuomo..

The former governor denied allegations of sexual misconduct. However, Chris Cuomo admitted that it was a mistake to attend the staff’s phone call to advise his brother during the sexual harassment scandal.

Attorney General’s additional records reveal that Chris Cuomo made extensive contact with his brother’s top aide, Melissa De Rosa, when there were reports of more whistleblowers coming forward. increase.

On March 7, Ms. Delosa sent a text message to Chris Cuomo: She added: (Original Sic). “

He replied “on top of that” four minutes later.

He later sent a text message to her: “No one has heard of it yet.”

It was also revealed that Chris Cuomo relayed the information he provided. New YorkerReport to Ronan Farrow’s brother’s aides about Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal.

New YorkerFarrow, a star reporter at Harvey Weinstein, won the Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein. He also writes about Andrew Mark Cuomo’s sexual misconduct.

The document states that Ms. Delosa sent a text message to Chris Cuomo asking for information about Farrow’s story.

NS CNN The host acknowledged that he had contacted Farrow’s colleagues for the latest information on his story, but claimed that using such a method was “normal.” Chris Cuomo told his brother’s inner circle that the story wasn’t ready for publication.

The story of Fallot was later published on March 18.

Chris Cuomo told viewers in August, “I have never called the press about my brother’s situation.”

The lawyer asked CNN If the host of “Cuomo Prime Time” remembers that the former governor’s team had discussed the story of Ronan Farrow.

According to the writing record, he states: What they were thinking about it was moving, when it came out it was moving. When Ronan Farrow writes something, the media people will talk about it. “

When asked if he had discussed Farrow’s report with his brother, he answered “yes.”

However, during the deposit, Chris Cuomo denied helping his brother know the details. He states: CNN Or anywhere else, I assure you that your people know, and many others will. He added:

In the Deposition, he also said, “The idea of ​​trying to find a way to look down on those who make such claims is not what I am saying.”

Lindsey Boylan, a former aide to Andrew Mark Cuomo, first appeared in December last year for accusing the then Governor of New York for sexual misconduct. She was one of the 11 whistleblowers included in Andrew Mark Cuomo’s investigation by Attorney General of New York Letitia James, who resigned in August.

The Attorney General concluded that the governor at the time had sexually harassed nearly 12 women. The 165-page report also stated that Andrew Cuomo and his aides retaliated by promoting a toxic work environment for at least one female.

Meanwhile, Andrew Mark Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi called the fresh copy and document an “manipulated release.” He states: “Today’s manipulated release of carefully selected Witness testimony with selective editing is typical,” he added. And it’s illegal. “

In August of this year he told him CNN Viewer: “I’m not an advisor. I’m a brother.”

Chris Cuomo is also being asked to resign from the news network.

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