Co-founder of Idaho Paddleboarding Company Drowns on the Payette River


According to the Boise County Sheriff’s Office, the co-founder of a stand-up paddleboard maker in Idaho died in an accident on the Payette River on Monday.

Around 6:30 pm on Monday, Nicholas Zawadzki, co-founder of Hydrus Board Tech, an eagle-based company specializing in whitewater paddleboarding, “passed through a torrent” from the board not far from Idaho 55a. I was kicked. ” A few miles south of Banks, Sheriff Scott Turner told Idaho Legislature on the phone.

“I don’t know if he hung up or was just pulled,” Turner said.

A 36-year-old helmet and life jacket have surfaced, but his body has not yet been discovered. Sheriffs said Zawajiki was presumed to have drowned.

Jason, the brother of Zawadzki, who co-founded Hydrus in 2013, was also in the river on Monday when an accident occurred near “go left or fired.” As it is known.. He said his brother was known as one of the best torrent paddle borders around.

“It was a complete anomaly and unexpected accident in the section where Nick stood on the paddleboard hundreds of times,” Jason told Idaho Legislature on the phone. He said, “There was no real explanation for it.”

“There was a one-billionth chance of being out of luck,” Jason said. “It was time for him to go.”

According to Turner, a search team is out on the river every day this week, with crew members from Garden Valley Fire, Horseshoe Bend Fire, Mountain West Commercial Diving, and a local rafting company helping out with the search. Volunteers with private helicopters are also participating.

According to sheriffs, the search team suspended efforts “until they came up with other plans and resources to carry out several different types of searches” on Wednesday afternoon.

Jason Zawadzki said he is currently “trying to get the dam operator to lower the water level” to help rescue teams find his brother’s body.