Coalition seems to support seniors with a health card expansion policy

If the Morrison administration is re-elected, an additional 50,000 older Australians will have access to the Federal Elderly Health Card. This is because two new polls show that Labor continues to lead the votes of the two parties.

The day after Labor leader Anthony Albanese accused him of ignoring older Australians, Prime Minister Scott Morrison began on July 1st this year to increase access to concession cards. Will be announced to increase from $ 57,761 to about $ 90,000.

The couple’s threshold will also increase from $ 92,416 to $ 144,000.

At the federal level, all cardholders are eligible for cheaper medicine and health care, discount rates, electricity and gas bills, ambulances, dentistry, ophthalmology, recreation, public transport and other states, quasi. You can also get savings from the state and local governments.

According to Morrison, the $ 70 million expansion is part of a coalition’s plans to relieve living expenses.

“This means that more senior Australians can save hundreds of dollars, up to $ 428 a year to access monthly scripts for important medicines, if they reach the Medicare Safety Net. It includes refunds of medical expenses, “he said.

Minister for Government Services of Australia Ann Ruston will build a commitment based on a $ 525 million plan to lower the PBS drug safety net threshold from January 1, next year, including a $ 10 drug price cut per script. Stated.

At the launch of Labor’s campaign in Perth on Sunday, Albanese revealed a higher drug price cut of $ 12.50.

PBS was “one of Australia’s great institutions founded by workers” and was evidence of his party’s commitment to universal health insurance.

When the campaign reaches its midpoint, Labor hopes that a better future-themed campaign launched on Sunday will gain momentum after Albanese spends a week quarantining COVID-19.

The launch included initial home purchase, manufacturing, and new policies for electric vehicles, as well as addressing gender pay equality issues and fixing issues of elderly care and childcare.

A news pole published in Australia on Monday shows that Labor is leading the government by 53% to 47% on a bipartisan preference basis.

If realized, the coalition could lose 10 seats in the May 21 election.

When asked if it was time for a change of power, a poll of 1538 voters between April 27 and 30 said 56% agreed and 44% should return the coalition. ..

However, 45% of respondents believe Morrison will be a better prime minister than 39% of Albanese.

A Resolve poll of 1408 voters, published Monday in nine, closely reflected Newspoll’s results and found that Labor was leading 54% to 46% on a two-party basis. ..

Morrison outperformed the prime minister’s priorities by 39% to 33%.

Albanese will campaign in Queensland on Monday. In Queensland, the Labor Party occupies 6 of the 30 seats, and you need to make a profit to win the election.

He said the Labor government would invest $ 1 billion in developing value-added products from minerals like lithium and nickel at the start of the campaign.

The coalition has campaigned in Queensland for a division within the Labor Party over the future of the resource sector, especially the coal mining work at the expense of the party’s vote in 2019.

“We know that Labor is dominated by its Green Left and is deeply divided about the future of Australia’s resource sector,” said Minister of Resources Keith Pitt.

Meanwhile, the second leader’s debate will be hosted by Nine Network this Sunday night, and the liberal campaign will begin a week later.

Early voting begins on May 9th.



Australian Associated Press is an Australian news agency.