Collaborators begin to flee the occupied Luhansk province

Luhansk Military Chief of Staff Serhi Haydai reported that collaborators were fleeing from occupied Kreminna and Svatove to other settlements.

sauce: Hydaion Facebook

Quote: “Svatove and Kreminna collaborators have fled to other settlements in the province.

Bilohorivka is completely under our control. Enemy attacks are repelled there daily.

Russia continues to transfer more soldiers to the Svatove Kreminna Front. The homes of the frontline villages occupied by the orcs have been nearly emptied and all sent to war. The rashists are hiding in “slack”, “burrows” on this front. The Ukrainian army is advancing. “

detail: Haidai stressed that the invaders had prepared a strong defensive line in Luhansik province and carefully mined the entire territory, making it very difficult to take every meter.

Background: Haidai, after more than four months of intense fighting, the invaders were effectively destroyed the settlement Villages along the route from Bilohorivka, Popasna and Kreminna – Kreminna, Rubishne, Zorote, Hirske, Lyschensk.

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