College girl who worked at Burlington mall made $500,000 in fraudulent purchases

A local university student has been arrested for making fraudulent charges worth $500,000 on a credit card scheme that has been running since February, officials say.

Ariel Foster, a 19-year-old Boston resident, has been charged with stealing more than $1,200.

According to Burlington Police, Foster used an elaborate credit card scheme to fund lavish purchases at her workplace at Burlington Mall in Lovisa throughout February. Lovisa is a jewelry store.

Foster spent three separate days scanning items in stores and raising prices, according to people familiar with the matter. The cost of the expensive item was then said to have been refunded to her credit her card. Investigators found that there were eight deals for her, and across the company she incurred a loss of $547,187.

According to police, between February 2 and February 22, Foster bought a Tesla worth $35,000, made a deal with Delta Air Lines worth $6,000, bought a Louis Vuitton worth $5,000, and bought this I spent over $20,000 on hotels in Maui, Hawaii using a credit card scheme. .

After filing subpoenas with Foster’s financial institution, authorities discovered that these high-value refund transactions originated from Lovisa America LLC.

A search warrant was executed in her dorm room at Lasell University on Wednesday, and she was detained without incident.

In a statement, Russell University said, “We are aware that a Russell University student was arrested on Wednesday, March 8.” applied to.”

Foster will be arraigned in Woburn District Court on Friday.

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