College students chant “F — Joe Biden” in a football game

College football Fans say “F — Joe Biden!! Was a stand during the match, and Saturday marked the second consecutive weekend of presidential taunts.

Old Rowe Sports has identified at least four instances of the chant “F — Joe Biden!”. At a college football game on the weekend of September 4, 2021. Chants originated at Coastal Carolina University, Virginia Tech, Auburn University, and Texas A & M.

Warning: The following tweet contains strong words

The chant reappeared in the Student section of the Auburn / Alabama match on September 11th.

Another video showed a student at the stand yelling “F — Joe Biden!”. At the Mississippi State University / North Carolina State University match on Saturday.

Athletic Reported by Aaron Subtles The Alabama Student section also chanted “F — Joe Biden!”

Donald Trump Jr. predicted that this trend would continue. He said President Biden “has become so bad that the media can no longer carry out a cover for him.”

“When you look at Afghanistan, I can pass 50 points about it, the $ 65- $ 80 billion equipment left to our enemies gives them a list of American civilian killings. Give them and give them a biometric scanner … pulling out the army before you pull out the civilians are out. ” “The list is getting bigger and bigger.”

He mentioned the border crisis, inflation and the economy, and the derogatory attitude of the Biden administration in dealing with questions.

Trump Jr. concludes, “I wonder what’s going to go wrong until I say’enough’, so I think the chanting will continue.”