Colombia arrests 10 people in Duque’s helicopter attack on military base

Bogotá-Colombia arrested 10 people charged with attacking President Ivan Duque and a helicopter carrying a military base last month, authorities said Thursday was planned by a former FARC terrorist leader based in Venezuela. Stated.

A car bomb at a base in the northeastern city of Cucuta, home of the Army’s 30th Brigade, injured 44 people, including two US military advisers. In late June, a helicopter approaching the city carrying Duque and other officials was strafed with bullets.

The ten captured in Norte de Santander were former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) terrorists who rejected the 2016 peace agreement, Attorney General Francisco Barbosa said in a press conference broadcast via social media. As stated, it belongs to the 33rd front of the opposition.

According to Barbosa, three of them participated in the planning and execution of both attacks, were detained and charged, and the other was a retired Army captain.

Defense Minister Diego Morano said at a news conference that the order to carry out the attack came from a former FARC leader operating from Venezuela.

Morano said the attack showed that Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro administration protected FARC terrorists.

“It is clear that this attack on the President against the 30th Brigade was planned from Venezuela,” Morano said.

The Colombian government has long accused Maduro of blinding the presence of Colombian terrorists in Venezuela. Maduro said Venezuela was a victim of criminals from Colombia.