Colombian police pledge to increase the number of women in executive rank

Colombian police have signed a national commitment to increase the number of women in police positions and promote women’s police activities.

According to a news release, the department is working with more than 30 other law enforcement agencies across the country in signing 30×30 pledges. The goal of the national initiative is to enroll 30% of women in police recruitment classes by 2030 so that police stations represent where they work.

by 30×30 Initiative WebsiteIn the United States, women make up 12% of police officers sworn in, and only about 3% of police leaders. According to department spokeswoman Jennifer Timmons, about 20% of Colombia’s list of 351 city police officers is women.

“Survey shows that female police officers are using less power and less excessive power. They are named with fewer complaints and proceedings. The community recognizes that they are more honest and compassionate. We see better results for victims of crime, especially in sexual assault cases. We can reduce discretionary arrests, “said the 30×30 website. This initiative is affiliated with the New York University School of Law Police Project and the National Women’s Law Enforcement Association.

As of Tuesday, Colombia and Charleston were the only South Carolina divisions listed to have signed on to the 30X30 Initiative. Departments of various cities such as New York City, Las Vegas, Philadelphia and Baltimore have pledged.

Colombian police chief Skip Holbrook said the city department would work to raise the rank of female officers in CPD.

“We recognize the value of gender equality and support the progress of women in the police, especially in their leadership roles,” the chief said in a statement. “This effort is not a trend, but an important part of our mission and vision.”