Colorado gunmen killed six at a party.

Family is in mourning together

Family mourns six dead at a birthday party at a mobile home in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado officials say the shooter who killed six at a weekend birthday party was angry that he wasn’t invited.

According to police, Theodoro Mathias, 28, shot and killed his girlfriend Sandra Ibara Perez, 28, and five relatives, and then pointed his gun at himself.

The attack unfolded early Sunday at Canterbury Mobile Home Park in Colorado Springs.

The party was for three relatives, two of whom died.

The attack occurred within 2 months Mass shooting that killed 11 people At a grocery store in the city of Boulder in north-central Colorado.

According to police, the Colorado Springs shooter was a jealous boyfriend who “conflicted” with the targeted family at another event about a week ago.

“At the corner of this horrific act is domestic violence,” Colorado Springs police chief Vince Niski said at a press conference on Tuesday.

He added: [Macias] The suspect fired because he was not invited to a family gathering. “

He said the murderer “showed a problem of power and control” and had a relationship with his girlfriend for about a year. He had no criminal record.

Police Lieutenant Joe Flaviere said at a news conference that just before the shooting, three teenagers left the party to get items from their neighbors and returned to the trailer.

According to police, three children aged 2, 5, and 11 witnessed the shooting and were not physically harmed. 17 bullet casings were found in mobile homes.

On Tuesday, Colorado Springs police identified other victims:

  • Melvin Perez, 30

  • Joana Cruz, 53 years old (Melvin’s mother)

  • Jose Gutierrez Cruz, 21 years old (Melvin’s brother)

  • Myra Perez, 32 years old (Melvin’s wife)

  • Jose Ibara (Brother of Myra)

Nuvia Marquez, sister of Melvin Perez and daughter of Joana Cruz, told Colorado Springs Gazette that the trio shared the same birthday week and “always liked to celebrate together.” ..

She attended a party at the Cruz family trailer park with her husband Freddie Marquez.

However, the couple told reporters that they left around 22:00 local time on Saturday night.

The shoot took place early in the morning on Mother’s Day, after midnight.

Marquez paid tribute to his mother-in-law and told The Gazette that Mrs. Cruz was “always laughing” and was the four “loving” and “hard-working” mothers who raised their children into “great people.”

Marquez told The Gazette that the archer was a “quiet and serious” man who always had a gun.

According to police, the semi-automatic pistol was not legally owned by the attacker.

In a statement on Sunday, Colorado Governor Jared Polis condemned “horrible violence” and “to celebrate women in our lives, many of us who made us today. I’m spending the day in. “